Ruin Explorers

Release Info

Released in 2000. Produced by Ajiado, Animate, Bandai Visual, MOVIC, and Nippon Columbia. Animation by Ashi Productions (eps 3-4), MI (ep 1), Madhouse (eps 3-4), Suzuki Animation Planning (eps 1-2), and Wuxi Maliang Animation (ep 2).

Series Plot Summary

Ihrie and Fam are two explorers trying to make a living by salvaging old relics hidden in the old temples of a long-lost era when magic ruled the world. Although Ihrie is a powerful sorceress, she has been cursed and every time she casts a spell she turns into a fluffy little rodent. In order to remove the curse, she is looking for the Ultimate Power that is sealed by three relics they must find. However, Ihrie soon finds out they are not the only ones who desire this power and while some of the competitors may be friendly, others seek this power to spread evil across the land.

My Thoughts on the Series

I love Explorers. I'm a fan of any anime based on high fantasy. As a comedy/adventure, Explorers has a great deal of similarities to Slayers (a popular fantasy anime from the 90s). The English localization even uses several of the same voice actors from Slayers. So if you're a fan of Slayers, Explorers is right up your alley! The characters are adorable. The comedy is cute. It makes me feel so nostalgic for 90s comedy/adventure anime.


Ruin Explorers

Episode 1

30 min

The devious merchant gives Fam a clue about where to find the Ultimate Power.

Ruin Explorers

Episode 2

29 min

Ihrie and Fam's friendship is tested as they search for the second Ultimate Power relic.

Ruin Explorers

Episode 3

29 min

With new friends, the gang travels the sea in search of the third Ultimate Power relic.

Ruin Explorers

Episode 4

28 min

The group travels to Ruguduroll's castle to challenge him for the Ultimate Power.


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