Miyuki-chan in Wonderland
Miyuki-chan in Wonderland

Release Info

Released in 1995. Produced by Animate Film, Kadokawa Shoten, MOVIC, and Sony Music Entertainment.

Plot Summary

Miyuki, a cute girl, is in over her head. When late for school, she is suddenly transported to another world (Alice In Wonderland style), except that all the inhabitants of the other world are female...and they all seem to be in love with Miyuki. And the world behind her mirror is even weirder.

My Thoughts

Ha ha wow, this anime is crazy! It's a comedy that's borderline lesbian porn. Miyuki enters Wonderland to find the typical Alice in Wonderland characters as hot babes in bikinis and fetish outfits. At every turn they're flirting with Miyuki and trying to get in under her skirt. Again, this is not a porn! It's a hilarious fantasy adventure.

It's loosely considered a series because the 30 minutes consists of two short 15-minute episodes. The first part is the Alice in Wonderland episode and the second part is the Mirror Land episode.


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