Project A-ko
Project A-ko

Release Info

Released in 1986. Produced by APPP and Soeishinsha. Animation by APPP.

Plot Summary

Sixteen years have passed since a mysterious alien ship crashed on Earth. Graviton City, once leveled by the ship's crash, is now a bustling metropolis. Within the city's high school, superhuman high school student A-Ko Magami dukes it out with the diabolical genius B-Ko Daitokuji, who will stop at nothing to win the friendship of A-Ko's buddy C-Ko Kotobuki. Meanwhile, in outer space, another alien ship is on course towards Earth to find its planet's lost princess.

My Thoughts

The Project A-ko movie series is all about the hilarious rivalry between A-ko and B-ko. It's very cartoony with moments of exaggerated expressions and such. It's crazy with the alien race of women who look like men. If you're a sci-fi fan you'll love the mechs. It's fun to watch. I recommend it if you're in the mood for something with humor and cool fights.


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Behind The Scenes

Secret File

29 min

This “Secret File” video is the behind the scenes view of the production of Project A-ko.

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If you love 80s music then you'll love this soundtrack. Its English tracks are catchy: Dance Away, Follow Your Dreams, and In Your Eyes.

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You can buy this movie from Amazon. It goes for around $20-30 (US).

Official Streaming

In the United States, Project A-ko is available for streaming on Prime Video. It can be watched for free with ads.

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The Prime Video app is available on every set-top box (Apple TV, Roku, Fire sticks, etc.).


Project A-ko can be watched or downloaded from (Internet Archive), or downloaded via torrents from Nyaa. These sites are the best, safest, and most dependable resources to get anime for free.


  • To cast the videos to your TV using AirPlay or Chromecast, press the button. This button becomes available when you start playing the video.
  • The playable video is English dubbed. If you want Japanese language with subtitles, you need to download Project A-ko from Nyaa.
  • tends to be slow. Downloading Project A-ko from Nyaa is better. Additionally, Nyaa most likley offers a higher quality video, or even a Blu-ray quality video.


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