Gall Force 2: Destruction
Gall Force 2: Destruction

Release Info

Released in 1987. Produced by AIC, Animate, ARTMIC, and SPE Visual Works. Animation by NVC, Studio Mac, and Studio NKon.

Plot Summary

The war between Solnoids and Paranoids continues, but the conflict reaches a new height as both races complete their Planet Destroyers. This new technology wipes out several star systems leaving only the ninth star system undamaged. As both races head towards it, a Solnoid ship finds Lufy, an attacker cryogenically preserved inside an assault trooper among space debris. Reawakened, Lufy is invited to join a group of Solnoids who are set to complete the original secret mission of her former crew.

My Thoughts

What’s awesome about this movie is that it fills in the holes in the story left by the first movie. The first movie focused on an isolated incident, but you don’t know what happened to everyone else and the result of the war between the Solnoids (race of women) and Paranoids (amoeba-like creatures). This movie is all about how the war finally ends. It’s especially cool that they resurrected Lufy (the fighter with a star on her cheek) in the beginning and made her the main character. It was sad to see her go in the first movie. Unlike the first movie which had a variety of battles, every battle in this movie is an awesome spaceship armada confrontation! It’s like candy for the sci-fi geek. Gall Force 2: Destruction is an excellent movie and a worthy sequel.


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All Gall Force movie soundtracks, including the special soundtracks.


All Earth Chapter Soundtracks. The quality of these soundtracks are not the best. I haven't been able to find a better quality version.

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