A Wind Named Amnesia
A Wind Named Amnesia

Release Info

Released in 1990. Produced by Madhouse. Animation also by Madhouse.

Plot Summary

It happened quite suddenly, with no warning—all the memories of all the people on Earth, swept away as if by a sudden wind. In a post-catastrophic Earth populated mostly by savages without memories of their past civilization, one man travels on a journey of enlightenment and hope, across a devastated America.

My Thoughts

This is one of those excellent classic gems that would surely have its idea copied one day for a live action movie. The concept of the story is terrifying. Can you imagine what would you do if you suddenly lost all of your memories? Or if the entire world lost their memories in an instant? A Wind Named Amnesia is well written. It approaches this scary idea realistically with dark, gory scenes; even involving children.


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