Midnight Eye Gokuu
Midnight Eye Gokuu

Release Info

Released in 1989. Produced by Scholar, Toei Video Co., Ltd., and Terasawa Production. Animation by Madhouse.

Plot Summary

A private eye named Goku investigates a number of suicides of police officers. When he encounters the woman responsible for those suicides, he is caught by her supernatural powers and the only way to survive was to stab his own eye out. Now replaced with a cybernetic implant that allows him to access nearly every computer on earth and equipped with a powerful rod that can extend to quite a length, he resumes the investigation only to find out it falls deeper into the net of underground rulers.

My Thoughts

I love this movie! Think of it as a futuristic version of Ninja Scroll. The bad guy employs all these bizarre assassins with cool powers driven by cybernetics. The main character, Gokuu, starts out as a normal human. Part way into the movie he gains powerful cybernetic abilities that make him even more awesome. If you're a fan of these cyberpunk sci-fi movies, you'd love Midnight Eye Gokuu.


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Midnight Eye Gokuu II

Midnight Eye Gokuu II


Gokuu looks for a woman's brother that has been made into a psychic super-soldier.

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