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Updated emulators and Final Fantasy PSX bundle torrent

September 27, 2011

This is just a file update.

  • The torrent I was hosting that contained the massive PS1 bundle of Final Fantasy 7-9/ Tactics/ Chronicles/ Origins/ Anthology turned dead, so I replaced it with a new one. Find it in my download pages for Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 9, and Final Fantasy Tactics.
  • For my Video Game Emulators page I updated the following emulators:
    • FCE Ultra (NES)
    • DeSmuME (Nintendo DS)
    • PCSX2 (Playstation 2)
    • Ootake (TurboGrafx16)
    • MameUI 32-bit & 64-bit (Arcade)
Final Fantasy VI

Added FFVI Stand Guard patch, & Busy with school...

August 19, 2011

  • Screen shot from Final Fantasy 6 Stand Guard hackI have added the sexy new Final Fantasy VI: Stand Guard patch to my Final Fantasy 6 Downloads! So with all the patches I already offer, what's so special about this one? Well now! Stand Guard perfects the game! It's what Final Fantasy 6 should've been when it was originally released. The dialogue has been polished to add more detail and correct typos. Censored graphics are no longer censored. You can dash with the cancel button. And more! The package includes an easy patch, a normal patch, and a hard patch, providing 3 levels of difficulty. This is by far the best quality patch for those of you who want to replay FInal Fantasy 6 without a drastically different experience offered by the other patches.
  • You may have noticed I've been updating less and the updates are rather skimpy. Well, in January I started a Masters degree in Internet Marketing. It's been taking up a lot of my spare time, especially as of late with the harder classes. I can't work on the site as much as I'd like to. I've had to push aside all the big plans I have for it. However I graduate in December (it's accelerated so it's just 1 year) so I'll be back in 2012! Usually when a fan site announces news like this, next thing you see them saying “Ah sorry, I'm getting married so I can't update the site”, or “Ah sorry, I have kids now so I can't update the site”, ultimately ending up with “Ah sorry, I can't update the site anymore. I'm just too busy. So I'm shutting it down! Bye!” - That's NOT going to happen here. I will come back in all my glory in 2012!
Final Fantasy VI Restoration

GBA FFVI Restored, New Wallpapers, New IPS Patchers

June 27, 2011

  • Final Fantasy 6 Restoration comparisonAre you annoyed by how nasty the bright colors and inaccurate sound instruments are in Final Fantasy VI Advance for GBA? Worry no more! The ROM hacking community has released patches that correct the colors and sound to make it much more like the SNES version! Check 'em out in my FF6 shrine's Downloads. You can download either a pre-patched game or download the individual patches to patch the game yourself.
  • Lunar IPSFor my patching tutorial I've replaced "IPSWin" with "Lunar IPS" and "UIPS" (the patcher for Mac) with "Multipatch". Included with the update is a new set of directions for Lunar IPS.
  • I've added three new desktop wallpapers! For Chrono Trigger added a fan art wallpaper. For Shining Force added two fan art wallpapers. Previews below:
    Chrono Trigger wallpaperShining Force wallpaperShining Force wallpaper
Chrono Trigger Flames of Eternity

Chrono Trigger: Flames of Eternity updated

June 1, 2011

The ultimate Chrono Trigger hack, Chrono Trigger: Flames of Eternity, has been updated to version "RC3", which was released on 5/24/11. This update has expanded endings, a new third ending, and an assortment of bug fixes. Grab it from the Chrono Trigger shrine's Downloads section.

Chrono Trigger manga

Chrono Trigger manga printer friendly version

May 7, 2011

I've added a printer friendly version of the Chrono Trigger manga to my Chrono Trigger shrine. I've added two versions, actually. I added a low res version for quick download & easy viewing, and a high res version for printing.

Earthbound 3 for GBA

Earthbound 2 & Makai Toushi SaGa English patches!

April 5, 2011

  • Earthbound 3 screen shotThe English patch for Mother 3 (Earthbound 2) for the Game Boy Advance has been updated to version 1.1!
  • NEW!! The 100% English patch has been released for the Wonderswan Color remake of Final Fantasy Legend, called Makai Toushi SaGa! Find it in Downloads!
Ootake, TurboGrafx16 emulator

Added tutorial for Ootake, #1 free TurboGrafx16 emu

March 23, 2011

By popular demand, I've finally made a tutorial for Ootake. Ootake is that free TurboGrafx16 emulator that everyone wants to use to play the popular CD games like Dracula X and the RPGs covered in Classic CD RPGs, because they don't want to pay $19 for MagicEngine. I don't blame them. Who wants to pay for an emulator when so many are free? You can download Ootake from my emulators page.
*Remember, all the popular TurboGrafx16-CD games can be downloaded from my site

Castlevania Symphony of the Night is here!!

NEW!! Castlevania: Symphony of the Night shrine! And Tumblr

March 10, 2011

Castlevania Symphony of the Night shrine is here!

  • NEW!! I've added an RPG shrine for one of the best games on the Playstation 1 - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. It's got the usual goodies: game info, secrets, maps, official art, music, game saves, wallpapers, movie clips, and the torrent for downloading the game. The design around pages is 3D I modeled myself. The screen shots are in "3D"; I captured them in 640x480 so any 3D effects are rendered sharply. In the movie clips page I made a full gameplay trailer that covers every area of the first castle and every boss. So check out the shrine to experience all this classic gaming sexiness!!
  • Also, FantasyAnime is now on Tumblr! Yep, I'm agressive when it comes to social media.
My 3D Chrono Trigger wallpaper

Chrono Trigger 3D desktop wallpaper: Epoch's Launch

February 23, 2011

My Chrono Trigger 3D wallpaperPhew, this took me forever to make! I recreated Squaresoft's official artwork of Crono standing in front of the Epoch. Check out my Chrono Trigger Desktop Wallpapers page to download it!

I blogged about all the details behind the creation of this wallpaper in the forum. I think I've gotten pretty good at 3D! My work is getting closer to looking real.

I also added 26 new fan art pictures.

Chrono Trigger Flames of Eternity

CT Flames of Eternity & 300 new Live A Live shots

January 26, 2011

  • Chrono Trigger Crimson EchoesAmidst all this recent commotion for Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes, some guy released an improved version called Flames of Eternity. I tested it out, and it indeed is better! I removed Crimson Echoes and put this up in its place.
  • To my Live A Live shrine, I've added over 300 new screen shots from the new patch and a new set of game saves.Live A Live sprite I also converted the Flash navigation to HTML for mobile devices.
Chrono Trigger Crimson Echoes

CT Crimson Echoes, Final Conflict characters, FF4 shots

January 21, 2011

  • Chrono Trigger Crimson EchoesI've added the FULL version of Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes! That's the famous fan remake of Chrono Trigger. It's a full ROM hack that provides an entirely new game! Think of it as a sequel to Chrono Trigger. Note: Even though I added the download under Patches, it's actually a prepatched game since I don't have the patch.
  • I've totally reworked my Final Fantasy 4 Screen Shots page. I organized the shots into categories, and for the shots themselves I added 2x zoom upon click.
  • For Shining Force: Final Conflict, I FINALLY got around toward adding a characters page for it. Yeah, ever since I opened the shrine it didn't have one. Well now it does! Maps are included in the bio's for the two hidden characters to show you exactly where they are.
Phantasy Star 2 maps

New & improved Phantasy Star 2 maps

January 14, 2011

A *VERY* generous guy took the time to make new & improved maps for Phantasy Star 2 exclusively for FantasyAnime. It was a lot of work! If you remember, my old maps were unmarked and kind of confusing to follow. No more! These maps are awesome! Click here for the Phantasy Star 2 maps page. Take note that no other website has such helpful maps for Phantasy Star 2.

Final Fantasy hack

FF Legend piano tracks and FF6 Once Again patch

January 9, 2011

  • Final Fantasy Legend musicThis awesome pianist made an assortment of excellent songs for Final Fantasy Legend 1 & 2, and he graciously allowed me to host them! He made seven FF Legend songs and one FF Legend 2 song.
  • Final Fantasy 3 Once AgainAre you tired of playing Final Fantasy 6 to death? A patch has been released, called "Final Fantasy 3: Once Again", that revamps everything pertaining to the battle system to provide for a whole new gaming experience! Check it out in Final Fantasy 6 Downloads.
  • I added a printer friendly version of Secret of Mana's world map. It's in color, though; a black & white version is coming eventually.
Ys anime

The Ys anime is here!!

January 2, 2011

I've added all 11 episodes of the Ys anime! Which consists of: Ys Book 1 episodes 1-4, Ys Book 2 episodes 1-3, and Ys 2 episodes 1-4. I added them in Flash format. And because I'm all about supporting mobile, I also added them in 3GP format for those of you on iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. These are the largest videos I have yet to add so I hope this doesn't kill my bandwidth!