Resources on how to find all the Classic CD RPGs available for download!

(Aug 2023) So, I used to have all of the Classic CD RPGs available for download here. I took them down because they were ISO/MP3's, which aren't supported by modern video game emulators. RetroArch is the #1 emulator for Sega CD/Mega CD and TurboGrafx16-CD/PC Engine CD. To find the ISOs that are supported by it, just go to If you need help navigating, check out my article on downloading games. If you need help with RetroArch, I have RetroArch tutorials (Windows and Android versions) on my help site: Video Game Emulation for Newbies.

I left Ys IV here because it's a handy pre-patched fan translated download for the game. You won't be able to easily find it on the Internet. Although it's still in the old ISO/MP3 format, so you'd need MagicEngine to run it.

Ys 4: The Dawn of Ys (English prepatched)

[ MP3 ] - 161 MB