World Maps

Ultimate World Map - Size: 992 KB

An excellent comprehensive world map created by “Galen P.” The following are labeled on it: location names, shops, shop items+prices, item status, smith locations, suggested weapon labels, and more! It's the ultimate Secret of Mana map!


Ultimate World Map (Printer Friendly) - Size: 33.9 MB

A PDF printer-friendly version of Galen's ultimate map.


Classic World Map - Size: 54.1 KB

The original world map that I've always had in this shrine since the early 2000s. This was more legible and download-friendly than a scan of the original world map (below).


Original World Map - Size: 228 KB

The original world map that came with the game.


Raw World Map - Size: 748 KB

A clean, 'raw' version of the world map without any labels or alterations. With this you can make your own labeled world map! Or maybe have it printed as a large poster or a throw for your sofa.

Area Maps

Potos Falls

397 KB


128 KB

Path to Pandora

177 KB


30.6 KB

Water Palace

198 KB

Path to Gaia's Navel

156 KB

Gaia's Navel

679 KB

Dwarf Village

120 KB


74.2 KB

Haunted Forest

129 KB

Haunted Forest +mist

524 KB

Elinee's Castle

134 KB

Undine's Cave

39 KB

Underground Palace

128 KB


333 KB

Pandora Ruins

133 KB

Scorpion Army Ship

45.7 KB

Upper Lands

236 KB

Great Forest

342 KB

Moogle Village

22.8 KB

Sprite Village

71.7 KB

Wind Palace

48.4 KB

Sprite Village

71.7 KB

Dragon Caves

273 KB

Todo Village

82.2 KB

Crystal Forest

209 KB

Santa's House

35.3 KB


139 KB

Ice Palace

115 KB

Kakkara Desert

444 KB


54.3 KB


123 KB

Fire Palace

242 KB


87.5 KB

Imperial Sewers

66.5 KB


159 KB

Northtown Ruins

236 KB

Imperial Castle

304 KB


40.6 KB

Turtle Shell Island

53 KB

Lofty Mountains

86.7 KB

Darkness Palace

99.5 KB

Gold City

105 KB

Moon Palace

60.2 KB


117 KB


181 KB

Test of Courage

95.6 KB

sunken Continent

384 KB

Light Palace

90.8 KB

Tree Palace

439 KB

Grand Palace

292 KB

Pure Land

1.22 Mb

Mana Fortress

795 KB


88.4 KB