Did you accidentally delete your saved game in Shining Force? Do you want to skip certain parts of the game? Do you want to search for specific game sprites to capture? Whatever the case may be, these game saves are here to save the day. ^_^


These are periodical save files through Shining Force.
• For Shining Force on Genesis these are GS0 save state files and SRM saves. GS0 save state files only work with Kega Fusion and Gens. The SRM files, however, are compatible with any Genesis emulator.
• For Shining Force on GBA these are SAV files, which are compatible with any GBA emulator.

The Save Files

» Shining Force on Genesis

This is my collection of game saves for "Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention" for the Sega Genesis. Each zip file contains two files: (1) an SRM file (stands for saved RAM), which should be compatible with any Genesis emulator, and (2) a "Gens" save state GS0 file, which works only with the "Gens" Genesis emulator.

» Shining Force on GBA

This is a collection of game saves for "Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon" for the Gameboy Advance. These were collected by "Tekenu" from my forum. Each zip file contains a SAV file, which should be compatible with any Gameboy Advance emulator. A "New Game+" save is also included.