• Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention
Shining Force is a fantasy war strategy RPG by Sega and Climax, released for the Sega Genesis in 1993. Shining Force introduced so many things to the world of RPGs! You control your very own army across vast battlefields. The battles take place on a flat terrain. Most of the time you fight on land and other times you fight in temples or caves. Your job is to command your army to defeat the enemy army. You start out with six soldiers and by the end of the game you end up with 28. An awesome cinematic sequence is displayed when you encounter an enemy. Your army and enemy armies are made up of knights, wizards, warriors, and archers. Not all of them are human; there are centaurs, birdmen, dragons, wolf men, robots, half-breeds, and other strange looking creatures. Each character has their strengths and weaknesses. Your characters are able to be promoted, making them able to wield stronger weapons and have stronger attacks. Also when they are promoted, they look different and attack in different ways.

• Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon
In June 2004, Sega released a remake of the original Shining Force for Game Boy Advance, with the title "Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon". With the exception of retaining the general storyline and the layout of towns and areas, everything has been remade. Several things were added, such as new characters, new secrets, new battles, new locations, new additions to the story, and a 'card system'.
Important note: This website is mainly dedicated to the Genesis version. The only GBA content provided are screen shots.

• Shining Force re-releases
The game has been repeatedly re-released: in Sega Smash Pack 2 for the Dreamcast and Microsoft Windows, in Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and as a standalone game for the Wii Virtual Console and Microsoft Windows via Steam. Additionally, in 2010 the game was released for iOS (click here for some screen shots).

In ages long forgotten... light fought Darkness for control of the world. Dark Dragon led the evil hordes of Darkness. The Ancients fought back with the Powers of Light. Dark Dragon was defeated and cast into another dimension... the Lord of Darkness vowed to return in 1,000 years. Time passed, and Dark Dragon was forgotten by all. Ten centuries of peace ruled the land of Rune. Until the kingdom of Runefaust brought war and defeat to Rune. Hordes of evil creatures ravaged every land. Here and there, strongholds of Good still held out... awaiting a hero who could wield the Power of Light!

• Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention ... This is my most favorite Genesis game! Shining Force kicks ass!! The cinematic sequences are just too cool. Just imagine how awesome this game was when it came out. The graphics blew everyone away! The beginning of the game is a little slow and may seem boring, but believe me it gets so much better around the middle of the game. All the kick ass characters start joining your army like a dragon, a wolf man, a robot, and even a magical jellyfish! All of which are shown on this page. So if you haven't played this game yet then please give it a try! The music is pretty good too (for a 1993 Genesis game). The music that plays during the cinematic sequences is so awesome.

• Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon ... The new graphics, animation, and soundtrack are stunning and absolutely beautiful. No doubt about it, the new look is impressive. However, since Gameboy Advance is targeted to appeal to children, the difficulty has taken a dramatic drop. As a result, Resurrection of the Dark Dragon is ridiculously easy. Don't be surprised if you hear people beating it within a couple hours.

Ah yes... I have so many memories with Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention. My best friend was the one who introduced me to the Shining Force series. One day he rented Shining Force 2. At the time I was anti-Sega and a loyal Nintendo fan. He told me how awesome the game was, especially the animated battle sequences. I came over and played the first battle and I was making fun of the game the whole time saying how dumb the graphics are just to get back at him (we always had Nintendo and Sega fights trying to prove which one is better). About a year later I bought my first Genesis from my brother's friend for like $30 with Sonic the Hedgehog 2. This is when I started becoming a Sega fan. I eventually bought Shining Force 2 used from the mail. I played it over and over and loved it very much. I thought about getting Shining Force 1 but I had the thought it my head that it would be dumb since the first part of a game series always has old ghetto graphics. Then one day I found Shining Force 1 in the game section of a video rental store and looked behind the box. I was amazed at the graphics! So then I decided I must get it! I bought it used through the mail. I enjoyed playing this game so much! I remember how awesome I thought the battle sequence music was. It's still awesome to this day! And I loved the song that played in the 3rd battle. At first I equally liked Shining Force 1+2. But over time, I grew to like Shining Force 1 more because the graphics are cooler and it has a better variety for characters to choose. Wow... this game is so good. It's so fun and the graphics are amazing. Even though the music is made up of is old Genesis-style tunes, it's still really good compared to other Genesis at the time.