Game Saves


Did you accidentally delete your saved game in the SNES version of Final Fantasy 5? Do you want to skip certain parts of the game? Do you want to search for specific game sprites to capture? Whatever the case may be, these game saves are here to save the day :)


Each save is an *.srm file (compatible with any SNES emulator). Each *.srm file contains four saved games (a save in each slot). These are SNES saves so they only work on SNES emulators. I do not have saves for the Game Boy Advance or PlayStation 1 versions of Final Fantasy 5.


Contained in these zip archives are text files containing a detailed description of each save. This description lists the save's location, the current status of the plot, current character levels, current equipment, current magic, current inventory, current gil, and current essential items.


I have step-by-step directions in my Game Saves Tutorial.

World 1 Saves


Download Size: 1.28 KB

Slot 1 World map. Exactly where the game begins. Investigate the meteor to the east.

Slot 2 World map. Right outside the Meteor at Tycoon. After the events at the meteor, head west and up.

Slot 3 World map. Two more members have joined you, continue North.

Slot 4 World map. Outside Cliffside Cave. Continue to explore the cave.


Download Size: 1.81 KB

Slot 1 The sea. Outside Cliffside Cave. There's a new party member and a boat ride to the Wind Shrine.

Slot 2 World map, Outside Tule. Obtained some supplies and new equipment. Also tried the piano :D Off to the Wind Shrine or to find Boko at pirates' cave.

Slot 3 World map, outside Wind Shrine. Did a slight detour and went back to check on Boko. Scored some items and gil.

Slot 4 World map, outside Wind Shrine. Job systems are now available. Go to Tule to talk to Zok and stock up on supplies if need be.


Download Size: 1.83 KB

Slot 1 World map, outside Tule. Bought all the magic available and acquired the key to open the canal.

Slot 2 World map, outside Wind Shrine. Obtained 3 blue magic, onto the canal.

Slot 3 Ship Graveyard. Leave the Ship's Graveyard through the door on the top.

Slot 4 World Map, outside Ship Graveyard. Leave the Ship's Graveyard through the door on the top.


Download Size: 2.07 KB

Slot 1 World Map, outside Carwen. Played the piano at the pub (#2). Bought some equipment. Go to North Mountain to advance the plot.

Slot 2 North Mountain. Locate the rare plant.

Slot 3 North Mountain. Just defeated two bosses. Locate the rare plant.

Slot 4 World map, outside Worus. Took a side trip to Tycoon Castle to pick up some goodies. Bought some equipment. Worus Castle is the next destination.


Download Size: 2.07 KB

Slot 1 World map, outside Worus Tower. Something has happened. Go inside the Tower to find out.

Slot 2 Worus Tower. The normally peaceful monster has snapped. Investigate the cause.

Slot 3 World map, near the second crashed meteor. Worus Tower has sunk into the ocean. Return to Worus Castle.

Slot 4 World map, outside Karnak. Talk to the townpeople about the Fire Crystal.


Download Size: 2.37 KB

Slot 1 World map, outside Karnak. Played the piano (#3), bought everything necessary. Head toward the steamship to the south.

Slot 2 Steamship. Shut down the machine to prevent the Crystal from cracking.

Slot 3 Karnak Castle. The castle will explode in 10 minutes. Escape from it.

Slot 4 World map, outside Karnak Castle. Karnak Castle exploded. Go to Karnak to talk to the people.


Download Size: 2.37 KB

Slot 1 World map, outside Ancient Library. Because there's not much else to do so we came here.

Slot 2 World map, outside Ancient Library. Just obtained Ifrit. Go deeper into the Library to find Mid.

Slot 3 World map, outside Ancient Library. Go back to Karnak to find Cid.

Slot 4 World map, Karnak region. Gain the Steamship. Locate the Earth Crystal.


Download Size: 2.40 KB

Slot 1 World map, Karnak region, outside meteor. Went down Worus Castle basement to get a few items, obtained Shiva, either do more side quests by going to Easterly Village or to Jacole to advance the story.

Slot 2 World map, outside Istory. Gained Ramuh the Esper.

Slot 3 World map, Jacole region. Explore the cave for items, or go straight to the town.

Slot 4 World map, Jacole region. Played the piano (#4), bought some items. Sail east to Crescent Town.


Download Size: 2.35 KB

Slot 1 World map, Crescent Island. Talk to the locals.

Slot 2 World map, Lix. Played the piano (#5) on Crescent Island. Went to Bart's home to stock up on items and see flashbacks. Head for the Ancient Library where Cid and Mid are.

Slot 3 World map, Ruined City. Went through Quicksand Desert. Look for the missing person in Ruined City.

Slot 4 Underground Ruins. While in the Ruined City, the group fell into an old ruin. where they are teleported to another area.


Download Size: 2.38 KB

Slot 1 World map, Jacole region. Gained airship. To move the story forward, go back to the Ruined City past the Quicksand Desert.

Slot 2 World map, Lix. Did some job leveling up.

Slot 3 World map, Crescent Island. Upgrade the airship. Now it can go to the flying city.

Slot 4 World map, Lix. Destroyed the flying city's outer weapons. Proceed into the ruins.


Download Size: 2.45 KB

Slot 1 Lonka Ruins. Reach the Earth Crystal before it's too late.

Slot 2 Lonka Ruins. Picked up some treasures.

Slot 3 Lonka Ruins, 2nd save point. Picked up some more treasures.

Slot 4 World map, Lonka region. Galuf has gone back to where he came from. The group wants to follow him, but can't b/c of technical issues. Find Cid and Mid at Tycoon Meteor for assistance.


Download Size: 2.29 KB

Slot 1 World map, Karnak Meteor. In order to go to Galuf's home, must go to all the meteors to gather enough adamantium to power up the Tycoon Meteor.

Slot 2 World map, Worus Meteor. Gained Esper Titan. Onto the Worus Meteor.

Slot 3 World map, Lonka region. The last of the meteors.

Slot 4 World map, bird-shaped peninsula. Go inside the warp portal to go to Galuf's world. Beware that you won't be coming back here for a long time. So stock up on items from Lix or finish other business before leaving.

World 2 Saves


Download Size: 2.82 KB

Slot 1 Exdeath's castle. Burts, Lenna, and Faris have all been captured. It's now up to Galuf to save them.

Slot 2 World map, Grociana region. The group is blown far away from the big bridge. Try to find your way back.

Slot 3 World map, Rugor Town. Stopping by to rest, play the piano (#6), and stock up.

Slot 4 World map, Sealed Castle Kuzar. Doing some heavy leveling up.


Download Size: 3.15 KB

Slot 1 World map, Moogle Village. Follow the moogle to the forest. Walk down one step to enter Moogle Village.

Slot 2 Bal Castle. The Hiryuu is seriously injured. Go to the Hiryuu Valley to find the herb to heal it. Also did some serious AP gain.

Slot 3 World map, Kelb Village. On the way to Hiryuu Valley.

Slot 4 Hiryuu Valley. On the way to Hiryuu Valley, but not before stopping by at Kelb for some rest.


Download Size: 2.81 KB

Slot 1 World map, Kelb Town. On the way back to Bal Castle.

Slot 2 Bal Castle. Talk to Cara and give the Hiryuu Plant to Hiryuu.

Slot 3 World map, Surgate Castle. Find Zeza at the fleet attacking Exdeath's castle in the East.

Slot 4 Barrier Tower. Go to the top of the tower to destroy the antenna.


Download Size: 3.08 KB

Slot 1 Barrier Tower, 2nd save point. Go to the top of the tower to destroy the antenna.

Slot 2 World map, near the underwater entrance to Barrier Tower. Find Guido in the sunken island northeast of Hiryuu Valley.

Slot 3 World map, Mua. Played piano in Mua (#7), obtained new spells and equipment, gained new Esper, and talked to Guido. Head for the Great Forest of Mua to the East.

Slot 4 Great Forest of Mua. Find Exdeath.


Download Size: 3.03 KB

Slot 1 World map, Mua region. Due to some troubles, Galuf is replaced by Cara. Go to Exdeath's Castle.

Slot 2 World map, Kuzar Castle. Did some leveling up. Go to Exdeath's Castle.

Slot 3 Exdeath's castle. Find Exdeath and make a bonfire out of him.

Slot 4 Exdeath's castle, 2nd save point. Obtained Esper Carbuncle.

World 3 Saves


Download Size: 2.90 KB

Slot 1 World map, Tycoon Castle. Somehow the crystals shattering event sent the group flying back to their home.

Slot 2 World map, Pirate cave. On a journey to find the cause for sending the group back. Boko's back as well. Head to Tule then keep going west.

Slot 3 World map, Ancient Library Find the stone tablet in the pyramid in the quicksand desert.

Slot 4 World map, pyramid. Did a quick run-through of the pyramid to gain the first stone tablet. Go back to Ancient Library for now.


Download Size: 3.34 KB

Slot 1 World map, Mua Forest. Lenna joined the party.

Slot 2 World map, Wind Shrine. Several places are sucked into the Void. But you got the airship back. Free to explore most of the world now.

Slot 3 World map, Pirate Cave. Received Ribbon from the girl in Rugor Town. Discovered Mirage Town, played the last piano, obtained best buyable equipment, bought magic, found the black chocobo. Obtained Magic Lamp, and Esper Syldra.

Slot 4 World map, pyramid. Went back to retrieve some treasures. Nothing important.


Download Size: 3.49 KB

Slot 1 World map, Kuzar Castle. Gained 3 of the 12 Legendary Weapons Firebute, Masamune, and Sasuke's Katana. Find the next tablet. Which is in the island temple that the Big Bridge runs across.

Slot 2 World map, Solitary Island Temple. Retrieved the Second Tablet. Go to Kuzar Castle to unseal 3 more Legendary Weapons. Then to Forked Tower near Crescent Town.

Slot 3 World map, Crescent Island. Gained 3 more Legendary Weapons Assassin Dagger, Excalibur, and Wizard Rod. Obtained ultimate white and black magic. Go to where Fork Tower used to be, right on top of the underground ruin. After that, go for the third tablet. Ask the scholars in Kuzar Castle if you don't know where to go.

Slot 4 World map, Kuzar Castle. Obtained Meteo and Third Tablet. Go to Kuzar Castle to pick up more Legendary Weapons.


Download Size: 3.54 KB

Slot 1 World map, Rugor Town. Gained Holy Lance, Yoichi's Bow, and Sage Staff. Learned blue magic Guardian and Lvl 2 Old.

Slot 2 World map, Bal Castle. Exploring the basement.

Slot 3 World map, near Easterly Falls. Obtained Esper Odin. Gained Brave Blade.

Slot 4 World map, near Istory Falls. Obtained Fourth Tablet and Esper Leviathan. Unseal the last of the Legendary Weapons in Kuzar Castle.


Download Size: 3.10 KB

Slot 1 World map, Mirage Town entrance. Found the last crystal shard, gained job class Mimic. Received the last set of Legendary Weapons.

Slot 2 World map, Phoenix Tower. Gained Esper Phoenix at Phoenix Tower.

Slot 3 World map, North Mountain. Here to challenge Bahamut.

Slot 4 World map, North Mountain. Gained Esper Bahamut.


Download Size: 3.04 KB

Slot 1 N-Zone. Waterway Cave. On the way to confront Exdeath.

Slot 2 World map, near the entrance to N-Zone. Take 5. A little breather from tough enemies.

Slot 3 N-Zone. Waterway Cave. Second attempt at the dungeon.

Slot 4 N-Zone. Dimensional Castle. Took out some more bosses.


Download Size: 3.41 KB

Slot 1 N-Zone. Dimensional Castle. Discovered a cheater's way to whop Catastroph. Wall Ring + Float = Fun. Extra credit Use a Berserker with Double Grip.

Slot 2 N-Zone. Dimensional Castle. Defeated ugly crossdresser.

Slot 3 N-Zone. Dimensional Castle. Twin Twania gone.

Slot 4 The Void. One final battle with Exdeath to go.


Download Size: 3.28 KB

Slot 1 World map, Mirage Village. Sell off some junk and recuperate.

Slot 2 Dimensional Castle. Heading for Void.

Slot 3 Void. Gaining AP.

Slot 4 Void. Mastering classes.


Download Size: 3.31 KB

Slot 1 Void. Mastering classes. It's long, it's boring, but it has to be done.

Slot 2 Void. Strong enough to whop Exdeath several times. Feel free to change job into something like mimic or bare.