snes final fantasy v

1. A Meteor Falls

A drifter, a mysterious traveler, a princess, and a pirate join forces. They seek to discover why the wind has stopped. And then they get stuck in a ship graveyard.
22 shots

2. Crystals of Earth & Fire

Our heroes look for Lenna's Hiryuu (her dragon). Another meteor falls and trouble falls upon the Walse kingdom. Then our heroes reach Tycoon and meet Cid.
16 shots

3. Library & Lonka Ruins

Cid guides our heroes to the Ancient Library. In the quest to uncover the mystery of the crystals, they find the Lonka Ruins and fight an unexpected battle.
12 shots

4. The Second World

The path opens to the Second World! Immediately, our heroes are hurled into the war against Exdeath.
25 shots

5. Barrier Tower & Submarine

The war against Exdeath continues! Our heroes invade the Barrier Tower. In their effort they gain the submarine. With it they seek the elusive Guido.
15 shots

6. Cleft of Dimension

Our heroes seek the Elderly Tree in the Muah Forest. Then they enter Exdeath's Castle, soon to find themselves in the Third World. Let the side quests begin!
18 shots

7. Side Quests & Final

Side quests and more side quests! And then the final battles.
27 shots