Butz is a simple traveler, who aimlessly wanders into Tycoon territory. When you first meet Butz, he and Boco (Butz's pet Chocobo) are sitting by a fire. When a meteor crashes to earth, you and Boco rush off to see what happened. You run into our next character, Lenna, here. You are one of the Light Warriors trying to stop the shattering of the 4 Crystals sealing Exdeath (the Ultimate Evil of the game). Unfortunately, Exdeath is released, and the focus of the Light Warriors shifts from trying to save the Crystals to trying to stop Exdeath from trying to control the power of the Void. Butz's name in the Playstation port of FF5 is "Bartz".

Galuf seeks to return home after discovering a disturbance in the crystals. However, he was sent to Butz's World when his ship crash-landed, and due to the impact, he developed a case of amnesia. This causes Galuf to forget everything, except his name and the crystals. His adventure begins when he meets Butz and Lenna. Galuf's name remains unchanged in the Playstation port of FF5.

Princess Lenna is the youngest daughter of the King of Tycoon. She is a kind-hearted young lady with a huge passion for adventure. You first meet Lenna on the balcony of Tycoon Castle. Her father, King Tycoon, is about to get on the Hiryuu (Dragon) to try and figure out why the wind has stopped. Lenna gets worried and follows him. She makes it as far as the Tycoon Meteor and is attacked by Goblins. Luckily, she was saved by Butz and managed to find not only her father but the many secrets behind her family. Lenna's name in the Playstation port of FF5 is "Reina".

Faris is the leader of a group of pirates. She disguised herself as a man because she felt that she would not gain respect as a female pirate. After she caught Butz, Lenna, and Galuf trying to steal her ship, she found a clue to her past. With that as a clue, she searches to unravel her mysterious past. Faris' name in the Playstation port of FF5 remains the same.

Cara is Galuf's loving granddaughter. She can talk to Moogles and she joins you late in the game. Heh, not much to say about her. Cara's name in the Playstation port of FF5 is "Krile".