Downloading FFIV

You will need a Super Nintendo emulator to play Final Fantasy 4 and the hacks offered on this page. To play the ports, a PlayStation 1 emulator and Nintendo DS emulator are needed. You can download these emulators from my emulators page. If you need assistance with any of the emulators offered on my site, check out my emulation help subsite: Video Game Emulation for Newbies.

Due to the release of the Pixel Remasters, I can't host any ROMs here. Rather, try the links below for collections at Internet Archive. Click here if you need directions with that. If Internet Archive doesn't work out for you, I have more options in my links.

Translation Patches

A variety of translations are available that give Final Fantasy IV a more authentic experience. Translators/ROM hackers release their works as patches. To experience their translations, you must apply their patch to the original game. If you need help with patching, I have instructions in my patching guide.

Final Fantasy IV: Namingway Edition

Super NintendoFinal Fantasy IV: Namingway Edition

Namingway Edition is an extension of Project II, attempting to bring Final Fantasy IV (FF2 US) closer to its Japanese counterpart. Using modern names where possible, and abbreviations where necessary, all items, spells, commands, jobs, and monsters are renamed. Monster stats, including the final boss, are restored to their original, along with spell learning rates. Also added to the mix is a B button Dash rather than a toggle or just walking everywhere Apply it to Fantasy II (US).

Download 321 KB
Final Fantasy IV: Project II

Super NintendoFinal Fantasy IV: Project II

Project II offers the highest quality fan retranslation with an entirely rewritten script, restored missing content, every spell has an in-battle use, buffed-up battle commands, reverted censored map graphics, various bugs fixes, and more! Fans consider this the best fan translation. Apply it to Fantasy II (US).

Download 159 KB
Final Fantasy IV: J2e Retranslation

Super NintendoFinal Fantasy IV: J2e Retranslation

This is the complete fan based English translation of SNES Final Fantasy IV by J2e Translations. It was one of the first fan translations ever released. As great and adored as this translation was, it received a great deal of criticism for not being an entirely accurate translation. Btw, all of the screen shots in the screenshots section were captured from this patch. Apply it to Fantasy IV (J).

Download 129 KB

ROM Hack Patches

A variety of hacks have been made to give Final Fantasy IV a better experience! ROM hackers release their works as patches. To experience their hacks, you must apply their patch to the original game. If you need help with patching, I have instructions in my patching guide.

Final Fantasy IV Advance (US)

Game Boy AdvanceFinal Fantasy IV: Sound Restoration

This hack fully restores the music and the sound effects from the SNES original. Also, an orchestral piece, played by Tokyo's philharmonic orchestra, is featured in the ending. This needs to be applied to the Eurpoean version of GBA Final Fantasy IV.

Download 321 KB
Final Fantasy IV: Graphics Update

Super NintendoGraphics Update

The goal of this project is to port back the enhanced graphics of the WonderSwan Color, Advance, and mobile phone versions of Final Fantasy IV to the SNES/SFC version. What's done currently are monster graphics and menu portraits. Check out these SCREENSHOTS to see a sample of the new sprites.

Download 397 KB
Final Fantasy IV: Record Keeper Sprites Port

Super NintendoRecord Keeper Sprites Port

This hack changes the character's battle sprites for the ones in the popular mobile game, Final Fantasy Record Keeper. This hack should work with every version and hack of Final Fantasy IV that doesn't alter the character graphics. This was tested with the USA, Japan, Project II, and Namingway Edition ROMs, and it worked fine. Check out these SCREENSHOTS to see a sample of the new sprites.

Download 28.3 KB
Final Fantasy IV - Ultima

Super NintendoFinal Fantasy IV - Ultima

Final Fantasy IV - Ultima is a ‘deluxe’ version of Final Fantasy II for the SNES. This hack adds a bunch of additions to the base game while keeping the majority of the main story intact and the feel of FF2US the same.

  • Party Swapping among 11 different members at Endgame.
  • Dark Knight Cecil now available at endgame!
  • A Full-Featured Bestiary and a Brand New Title Screen.
  • A VERY Challenging BOSS RUSH Mode unlocked at endgame.
  • New Game+ mode with higher MAX level/stats.
  • 58 New Weapons! Including Magically Imbued Weapons!
  • 62 New Spells/Summons! Also revamped existing spells!
  • 38 New Bosses! Brand New Boss at Endgame with Randomized AI!
  • New Achievements Feature.
  • Damage Limit increased to 14999.
  • Battl encounters can be toggled On/Off.
  • New Areas! New Side Quests! New and Upgradable Commands!
  • New Equipment/Spell Menus with DETAILED info.
  • New graphics, attack/spell animations, and sound effects.
  • New maps, new areas, and new edits to overworld maps.
  • Sprint with the Y button.
  • Revamped shops/equipment and balanced their progression.
  • Rydia has new summons!
  • Rosa can use more combative gears and new spells.
  • Lots of secrets that can lead to early acquirement of better equipment.

And more! See the Readme.txt to learn about everything this ROM hack offers. Check out these screenshots from the project. More guides and info can be found at their homepage. They also have a Discord.

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