Cecil, who's name can be changed to whatever you wish, is the main character and hero. Banished by the king of Baron, he sets out to solve the mystery of the Crystals and to free the world. Cecil's stronger attack is with a sword. When he becomes a Paladin later in the game, he can also use White Magic.


Kain, a member of the King's Guard, will help Cecil in his quest. But where do Kain's true loyalty lie--with Cecil or the King, or to some other power? When fighting with Kain, use the Jump Attack. The Dragoon leaps so high that he misses a round of fighting before delivering a kick.


Rydia learned the magic of calling monsters from her mother, but in time she will learn many potent spells. When Cecil finds her in Mist, Rydia has good cause to hate him. The Call Attack summons strong creatures who will fight for Rydia. This is her strongest attack, but she also learns the useful Black Magic spells.


The legendary Sage of Mysidia swears revenge on the death of his beloved Daughter Anna. At first he blames and attacks Edward and runs off on his own after Anna's last words. Later after his visit on Mt.Ordeals he realizes who the real threat is and who killed his daughter, Golbez.


Prince Edward fled with Anna only to find greater danger ahead. He is not the strongest of fighters, but he has mystical abilities. Edward's singing has a special effect on many monsters--it can put them to sleep! Edward can also hide from attacks.


Rosa is not only Cecil's sweetheart, she is an accomplished White Mage. Her abilities to protect her comrades during battle make her a valuable addition to the party, but she will not stay with them long. The Aim command is Rosa's non-magic specialty. When she gives Aim to an enemy, the frequency of that character's hits will increase.


Yang was the commander of the Karate Masters of Fabul, but during a training exercise on Mt. Hobs his squad was attacked. Now only he remains to help you and your party. Yang's kick Attack is his most useful weapon. The Kick strikes all enemies at the same time. His regular attack is strengthened by the Hand Claw.


Palom is Porom's twin brother. He is really just a child, but in spite of his childish antics, he is a valuable and loyal companion. Palom is a master of Black Magic, but his real strength is the TWIN spell that he casts with his twin sister.


Porom is Palom's twin sister. She is really just a child, but in spite of her childish antics, she is a valuable and loyal companion. Porom is a White Wizard, but like her brother, her real strength lies in the use of TWIN, which is a powerful attack spell.


Cid is the master of the airships, and you'll need to find him if you want an airship with which to take on Golbez and the Red Wings. Cid's unique skill is that he can PEEP at enemies to determine their weaknesses. He can also fight using bow and arrows.


The Castle of Eblana in the world above has been decimated by the Red Wings. Edge, the Prince of Eblana and a trained ninja warrior, will join you in the underground to fight Golbez and seek revenge for the destruction of his home. He is well equipped with the special Throw Attack that you should use against Rubicant and lesser monsters.