Finding Elven Town

Location of Elven TownAfter you get the Caravan, you travel along the dried-up river to reach Creed. As you come off the river, there is the little cave with the sick dwarf.To the left of this is a clump of bushes. One square of this is a lot lighter. The village is right next to Bowie in the screenshot to the left.

Location of game within gameSecret Battle - To the east side of the village is a game-within-the-game. It's a battle with one main monster who creates more monsters. Kill the main one and the battle ends. Your time to complete the fight is recorded and added to the list of times. It's tough to beat, but it's good for a laugh. To get there, go clockwise around the outside of the houses, and then when you've got the Mithril in the bottom-right, follow the 2-hole clearing through to the right and you're there. There is also a quicker route to get to it, you can see it in the screenshot to the right.

Locations of Promotion Items

Secret BookSecret Book - This item allows mages to be promoted to Sorcerers. Sorcerers can summon powerful demi-gods. However, the Mage-to-Sorcerer promotion will cause the character to permanently lose their regular attack magic (Blaze, Freeze, Bolt, etc.). Kazin is a good candidate for this. The Secret Book is found in Elven Town on the bookshelf in the second of the main building.

Vigor BallVigor Ball - This item allows healers to be promoted to Master Monks. As a Master Monk, the character can equip gloves and become a formidable fighter. They will continue learning their intended healing spells with no changes. Sarah and Karna are good candidates for this. The Vigor Ball is found in two locations: Elven Town and the Dojo . In Elven Town, it's in a hidden chest within the trees in the upper left of the town. In the Dojo, it's in a tree around the building.

Warrior PrideWarrior Pride - This item allows Warriors to be promoted to Barons. The Baron class allows Warriors to equip swords. Normally, swords are stronger than axes. Jaha is a good candidate for this. The Warrior Pride is located in New Granseal on the banner in your army's base room.

Pegasus WingPegasus Wing - This item allows centaurs to be promoted to Pegasus Knights, giving them the ability to fly. Chester and Rick are good candidates for this. The Pegasus Wing is located in Pacalon inside the castle on a wall opposite the throne room.

Silver TankSilver Tank - This item allows archers to be promoted to Brass Gunners. Brass Gunners get stat boosts with strength and defense, but are slow with movement (they're tanks, after all). Elric and Janet are good candidates for this item. Unlike the above items, this one is not a secret. It's given to you after you win battle 24 when you blast open the blocked cave.

Note: The Secret Book, Vigor Ball, Warrior Pride, and Silver Tank can be found around the time you start promoting your characters. However, for the Pegasus Wing you need to wait until after battle 26 to reach Pacalon - around 10 battles after your characters are promoted! It's a pain if you really want Chester or Rick to be a Pegasus Knight.

Config Mode

On the SEGA logo, quickly press: Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, B on the joypad. Then hold Start (you need to hold this until you have selected the game which you want to continue). You should hear a sort of fanfare to let you know that it's worked. When you choose the game you want to continue, you must select it with the C button, and then you can release Start. This will give you the following options: Special Turbo, Control Opponent, Auto Battle, and Game Completed.

If you use this cheat to control the opponent then you can also get all of the best items and weapons. Just make an enemy character drop its items. When you go to the Deals section of a shop, you'll be able to buy it! This is as long as the item or weapon is special; normal weapons will not be sold in the deals.

Can't get this code to work? If you keep trying and this code just doesn't work, you can download the Graphic Upgrade hack from the Downloads page. It automatically enables the Config Mode when you start a new game.

Name All Characters

Begin a new game. When the Witch asks you to enter your name, select your name and put the cursor on End. Hold down Start and press A. All the other characters in the game appear afterward and you'll get to name them as well.

Location of Drawven TownFinding Dwarven Town

To get into this one, you need the Dry Stone. The Dry Stone can be found in the Dwarven Cave when you search the firewood. The Dwarven Cave is located directly north of Elven Town, at the end of the rocky river.

So back to finding Dwarven Town: at one point in the river, north of Galam, there is an odd-looking section, where the river is 'dented' on both sides. Use the Dry Stone here. The dwarves in this town can use your Mithril (for a fee of 5000G) to make you some fairly impressive weapons! The location of it is shown in the screenshot to the right.

Secret Final Battle

Secret final battleAfter the battle against Zeon, when you've completed the game, watch the end sequence and wait for the last screen, a picture of the two jewels. Wait about 5 minutes after this, and a box will appear that says “And more...” press C and you'll be whisked away to a secret battle, where you'll have to kill all the Greater Devils, Zeon, and a few other characters. If you look at the map of this battle, you'll see that it's in the shape of Sonic the Hedgehog!