The Game

You will need a Genesis (or Mega Drive) emulator to play Shining Force 2 and the hacks offered on this page. You can download it from my emulators page. If you need assistance with any of the emulators offered on my site, check out my emulation help subsite: Video Game Emulation for Newbies.

Shining Force 2 (U) Genesis

Sega Genesis/ Mega DriveShining Force 2 (U)

The original Shining Force II for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive that we all know and love! This is the North American version that was released in the United States.

Download 1.43 MB

ROM Hacks

What is “Pre-patched” and “Patch”? ROM hackers release their works as patches. In order to experience their hacks, you must apply their patch to the original game. With the “Pre-patched” download, I've saved you the trouble and patched the game for you. But if you insist on patching the game yourself, you can download just the patch with the “Patch” download. I have patching instructions in my patching guide.

Shining Tactics

Sega Genesis/ Mega DriveShining Force 2 Graphical Upgrade

Any fan of Shining Force 2 knows the game was rushed and, as a result, many battle sprites were reused between characters. This mod is focused on giving most Force characters, enemies, and weapons their own battle sets & models! No more recycled graphics! Other small details were updated as well such as portraits, map sprites, and item icons. View some previews.

Note: Config Mode is automatically enabled. This will give you the following options when you start a new game: Special Turbo, Control Opponent, Auto Battle, and Game Completed. You'd probably just want to enable Special Turbo for faster battles.

Pre-patched 2.20 MB
Patch 1.91 MB
Shining Tactics

Sega Genesis/ Mega DriveShining Tactics

Here's a new take on Shining Force II. This hack adds over 60 new pieces of equipment for ALL the characters. Revamped and balanced Spells. Much more balanced characters and game play in general. To get a taste of Shining Tactics, check out these screenshots and this YouTube playthrough.

Side note: The YouTube video shows "Special Turbo", "Control Opponent", etc. options when starting a new game. That's not part of Shining Tactics, that's the Config mode cheat.

Pre-patched 1.44 MB
Patch 1.03 MB
Shining Force 2: Cireza Edition

Sega Genesis/ Mega DriveShining Force 2: Cireza Edition

Here's another new and exciting take on Shining Force II. This hack has been created in order to offer a new version of Shining Force II to play.

• New join order for the characters to have fresh play-through
• New, unexpected promotions for the characters
• Palette editing
• A few minor sprite and text changes (for consistency)

Information to know:
• No more secret promotion, so don't keep searching for them
• After promoting, you should update your weapons
• Some faces lose their animations because of the swapping process that was done
• The game difficulty should remain the same (or even be a little bit easier)

Pre-patched 1.43 MB
Patch 1.01 MB
Shining Force War of the Gods

Sega Genesis/ Mega DriveShining Force War of the Gods+

This is a complete overhaul of the game with a more cohesive story and significant changes to the story and gameplay. Many of the gameplay changes are listed below. View some previews.

• Unpromoted level cap is 20, promoted level cap is 40.
• AGI affects evasion.
• ATK influences the damage of spells.
• ATLAS is now thunder elemental.
• DESOUL has a 50% chance of hitting, but only reduces the enemy’s HP by half their current amount.
• AID replaces DETOX, AID heals some damage and AID 2,3, and 4 heal all maladies.
• You get all four characters the first time you go to creed’s mansion.
• Poison does 10% of max HP in damage.
• The spell DISPEL has been replaced with Poison.
• To access the secret battle after the credits you MUST have the Necklace of Light in your inventory.
• Mithril, Gold Dust, and Dark Matter are crafting materials.
• In the tactical base characters in your party give gameplay tips, while characters not in the party give lore and story hints.

Pre-patched 1.47 MB
Patch 1.08 MB
Shining Force 2 Tribute

Nintendo DSShining Force 2 Tribute (Demo)

This is a fan remake of Shining Force 2 for the Nintendo DS. It features new graphics, music, and more to the original game. However, this project remains incomplete and abandoned. The demo available here only has the opening and a first battle. I captured screenshots from this demo if you want to see how awesome it looks.

Download 10 MB