Shining Force: Final Conflict for Game Gear

A love letter to fans of Shining Force 1 & 2

Darkness returns...

The story takes place between Shining Force 1 and 2. With Darksol defeated, his most loyal servant and powerful sorceress, Mishaela, is dedicated to continuing Darksol's evil mission to bring darkness to the lands.

Max, who is the hero from Shining Force 1, and the Shining Force confronts Mishaela. She escapes, with Max pursuing her. It is up to you to lead Ian, a young and newly appointed leader of the Shining Force. Help Ian catch up to Max and stop Mishaela once and for all! Mishaela's henchmen and evil army will not rest until they stop you.

Ian Ian
Max Max
Mishaela Mishaela

A fun, niche strategy RPG

Shining Force: Final Conflict was released in Japan in June of 1995. It was developed by Sonic! Software Planning. Although Shining Force: Final Conflict never left Japan, a complete English fan translation was released in 2006.

What makes Shining Force: Final Conflict special is that it's a love letter to anyone who's a fan of Shining Force 1 and 2. It includes familiar characters, scenes, and music from both games, in addition to tying together the stories. Some characters (even villains!) who are unplayable in the games join your army in Final Conflict.

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Colorful 8-bit graphics

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A nostalgic soundtrack

The soundtrack consists of various remakes of familiar tracks from Shining Force 2. That is if you don’t mind Genesis tracks watered-down for Game Gear’s lesser quality audio driver. For Game Gear’s standards, the soundtrack is pretty good!

Fight! (Hero Attacks)

Legend of Light

Distant Journey Calls

Devil's Revival

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