Hikaru Shidou

Birthday: August 8
Zodiac: Leo
Blood Type: O
Age: 14
Grade: 9

Magic Knight Rayearth's female lead. She's strong, caring, and very protective of her friends. Hikaru doesn't give in without a fight. However, her actions make her appear somewhat immature. She uses the element FIRE and is signaled by Rayearth as her Mashin. Since Hikaru is the lead character she's physically the strongest out of the Magic Knight trio. She has a good variety of spells that attack all enemies at once.

Rayearth, battle sprite Rayearth's battle sprite
Rayearth, overworld sprite Rayearth's sprite


Name MP Description
Arrow of Flame 3 Burn enemy with Flame.
Red Shock 6 Shock enemies.
Dance of Blaze 6 Cut enemy with a tornado of fire.
Meteorite of Flame 10 Sends forth burning clods of earth to hit the enemy.
Slope Coil Flame 10 Coil enemy with spark.
Red Wave Motion 18 Wrap enemies in a hot wave.
Deep Crimson Hell Fire 20 Blow with lava.
White Beam Flash 30 Consume enemy in holy light.
Claw of Flame 20 Cut enemy with Rayearth's Claw.
Cry of Flame 30 Attack with Rayearth's breath.
Crimson Helix 35 Attack with Rayearth's Fire Helix.
Sword of Flame 40 Burn with Flame

Umi Ryuuzaki

Birthday: March 3
Zodiac: Pisces
Blood Type: A
Age: 14
Grade: 9

The daughter of a rich, loving couple, Umi is impulsive and very elegant as the waves of the blue sea. She loves her family deeply and cares so much for her friends as well. She casts WATER magic and her skill in handling the rapier is unmatchable. Celes, her Mashin, aids her at her call. Umi has the strongest attack magic out of the Magic Knight trio; especially when the gains the ability to summon Celes!

Celes, battle sprite Celes's battle sprite
Celes, overworld sprite Celes's sprite


Name MP Description
Dragon of Water 3 Attack the enemy with a water dragon.
Blue Tornado 6 Gigantic tornado outbreak.
Wave of Ocean Current 12 Wash enemies away with a tsunami.
Waterfall of Water Current 12 Submerge enemy with water.
Blade of Water 18 Tear the enemy with a swift mist of water.
Boisterous Dance of Ice 25 Attack the enemy with ice blizzard.
Shield of Cold 15 Defend an ally with a wall of water.
Chain of Water Ring 20 Stun the enemy with a chain of water.
Fist of Mashin 20 Attack with Celes' fist.
Blue Water Ring 30 Attack the enemy with Celes' breath.
Howl of Blue 35 Attack the enemy with Celes' howl.
Blue Fang 40 Cut the enemy with Celes' Sword.

Fuu Hououji

Birthday: December 12
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Blood Type: A
Age: 14
Grade: 9

Shy and very conservative of her feelings, Fuu's archery skill is incomparable to anyone's. Being intelligent and sweet, Fuu is introvert yet still cares for her friends a lot. She uses WIND magic and has Windam as her guardian Mashin. Fuu is the weakest when it comes to psychical strength and attack magic but she is the only one with healing spells.

Windam, battle sprite Windam's battle sprite
Windam, overworld sprite Windam's sprite


Name MP Description
Wind of Healing 2 Heal injury with holy wind.
Melody of Wind 2 Normalize ally's condition.
Green Gale 8 Cut caused by whirlwind] Chop enemy.
Anger of Wind 15 Causes a volume of violent wind.
Wind of Protection 5 Defend an ally with a wall of air.
Spirit of the Wind 15 Recover ally from faintness with the spirit of the wind.
Wind of Punishment 20 Stop enemy's movement with paralyzing wind.
Wind of Luck 20 Release a single attack of certain kill. This move increases a character's attack during battle, and depending on that character's luck, could perform a CRUSHING ATTACK or GREATEST ATTACK by chance.
Wings of Green 20 Raise allies' defense with Windam's wind.
Force of Green 30 Recover allies with Windam's wind.
Light of Green 35 Ability up with Windam's power.
Wind of Mashin 40 Cut enemies with Windam's sword.
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