Playable Characters in the Super Nintendo version

Portrait of Klarth

In-game Sprite of Klarth Klarth

Klarth is a human from the village of Euclid in the past. After years of studying, he can make contracts with spirits and then summon them in battle. Cless and Mint request his help to defeat Dhaos in the past, so they can return to the present.

Spirit Summons


  • Costs 5 TP
  • Element: Wind
  • Attack: Single
  • Found: Sylph's Mountain (Past)


  • Costs 8 TP
  • Element: Water
  • Attack: All
  • Found: Glaciated Cave (Past)


  • Costs 14 TP
  • Element: Earth
  • Attack: All
  • Found: Gnome's Cave (Past)


  • Costs 16 TP
  • Element: Fire
  • Attack: Multiple
  • Found: Molten Cavern (Past)


  • Costs 20 TP
  • Element: None
  • Attack: Multiple, varying power
  • Found: Morlia Gallery (Past)


  • Costs 24 TP
  • Element: Holy
  • Attack: All
  • Found: Tower of 12 Stars (Past)


  • Costs 32 TP
  • Element: Electricity
  • Attack: All
  • Found: Volt's Cave (Future)


  • Costs 40 TP
  • Element: None
  • Attack: All
  • Found: Treant's Forest (Future)

Optional Spirit Summons


  • Costs 28 TP
  • Element: Holy
  • Attack: All
  • Found: Future Abyss Of Thor; must have talked to the person standing by the southern gate of Future Alvanista.


  • Costs 24 TP
  • Element: Dark
  • Attack: All
  • Found: Shadow's Cave (Southeast of Ary); must have the Amethyst Ring from Future Sylph's Mountain.


  • Costs 40 TP
  • Element: None
  • Attack: All (Instant Death)
  • Found: Future Morlia Gallery 16th Floor; must have the Emerald Ring from Future Cave of Spirits.


  • Costs 44 TP
  • Element: None
  • Attack: All
  • Found: Future Morlia Gallery 21st Floor; must have the Sapphire Ring from Future Glaciated Cave.