Tales of Phantasia: The Animation

There's a Tales of Phantasia anime! It's called Tales of Phantasia: The Animation. The storyline follows that of the game, yet it doesn't. The series begins with the dark night summoning Dhaos, then it jumps to when Cless and company assists Alvanista's army. They're doing a great deal of skipping and combining. The series is intended to be only 4 episodes.

Originally, everyone experienced the Tales of Phantasia anime after it was fansubbed by Phantasian Productions and AOI Anime. However, they took them down because the anime had been licensed by Pioneer and released in North America on 1/6/07. But then around 2010 they stopped producing the DVD and now you can only get it used. Now the only easy way to watch the anime is in this website! Scroll down and check 'em out.

Anyway, below I have a bunch of Tales of Phantasia: The Animation goodies for you. :)

Screen captures from Episode 1
Exactly 115 of them. :)

Screen captures from Episode 2
Exactly 158 of them. :)

Art Book Scans
Scans from the official art book.

Other Scans & Misc
Scans of the DVD covers and other pictures.

MP3 of the Opening Theme (Full version)
Length: 03:37, Size: 3.22 MB
*also found in the Music section

MP3 of the Ending Theme (Full version)
Length: 05:20, Size: 4.79 MB
*also found in the Music section

Full OST Soundtrack
53 tracks, Size: 162 MB
*also found in the Music section

Desktop Wallpapers
The above link goes to my wallpapers section. I have tons of wallpapers
there I made from official art, as well as some fan made wallpapers.

So have I peaked your interest? Are you interested in watching the Tales of Phantasia anime right now? You can! I have it featured in my anime streaming site, the Anime Video Archive...

Watch the Tales of Phantasia Anime Now
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