Did you accidentally delete your saved game in Cyber Knight? Do you want to skip certain parts of the game? Do you want to search for specific game sprites to capture? Whatever the case may be, these game saves are here to save the day!


Each save is an *.srm file (compatible with any SNES emulator). Each *.srm file contains three saved games (a save in each slot). The ending save at the very bottom is a ZSNES save state, which only works on ZSNES and Snes9X.


Oh, I wasn't the one who obtained these saves. Each and every game save is all thanks to Tropicon. He is the webmaster of VGMapper.com, the #1 website for video game maps. If you're grateful for his saves, then hop on over to his site and let him know! :)


I have step-by-step directions in my Game Saves Tutorial.


Game Save #1 - Size: 2.56 KB

DNA1: Worldring, Rarbun
In the 2nd system, Worldring, on the 3rd planet, Rarbun. The only peaceful planet in the game. Amazing. Talk to everyone, sober or not, and get some quests. Head off for some Red Crystal, because your Jump Drive is screwy.

DNA2: Lancard, Jarzela
In the 9th system, Lancard, on the 2nd planet, Jarzela. Welcome to the hangover planet, the only place you can see pink whales. A quick tip: don't use any heat weapons here. Work your way through this maze, and find another damn Berserker dome. You'll face the usual (Replahorn, Bigfoot), and some new freaks, including a boss. There's a trick here. Go to the NE corner of the place, and use the door leading outside. Hug the wall and go to the left until you find another door. Go in and destroy the core. Get the song and then bring in Shine to examine that database you found. You've got a new mission!

DNA3: FH154, Oribor
In the 11th system, FH154, on the 2nd planet, Oribor. Might as well give that Trader kid some cash, and maybe... WHAT THE HELL? Yet another killfest with the Berserkers. Same as always, find dome, enter dome, destroy core. Well, make that enter SHIP. Head for the SW corner of the mission area. When entering the ship, head left. After that, it's pretty easy. After you've killed the boss, you'll learn some interesting things. You'll be told where every monument is. You have the first two (if not, go to Mepsede 1 & Kurgel 2), and the others are on Tarkings 3 (the pirates home base, one less place to hunt down) and Hew 1, underground. Also, something known as the Black Cube is in the FH154 system. Now, there are no enemies. Head to the NW corner and enter another hut. Fall through some holes and use some stairs to find the missing "Black Cube". Leave this system now.

DNA4: Tarkings, Libra
In the 16th system, Tarkings, on the 5th planet, Libra. Damn, this place is tiny! Head into the Trader ship (the middle ship of the three). Find and rescue the Traders on your way to the core of the ship. The Pirates are pathetic, so hit the captain first. Now leave. Quickly.

Game Save #2 - Size: 1.98 KB

DNA1: Selryd, Gordik
On the 18th system, Selryd, on the 4th planet, Gordick. Head into the city, where there are random encounters. You've been warned. Head for the center of the town. Here's the deal. Every corner of the town except for the one you entered by has a dome. The NE dome will have the true core in it. Every dome has the same layout, but different doors will open. For the first time, a boss enemy will return as a common encounter on this planet. However, you're stronger, while the Rahksasha enemy has stayed the same.

DNA2: Ganzen, Vyri
In the 20th system, Ganzen, on the 6th planet, Vyri. Bring Nehjena along for this quest. Once you find the lizard-man and get the PSIamp, you can leave. Nuke the core as you leave.

DNA3: Yorn, Sraule
In the 24th system, Ganzen, on the 4th planet, Sraule. Use the "World Info" command above the planet to summon an island. Land and talk with Sraule. Return to Seecla.

DNA4: All areas clear
All the areas are cleared!