SNES: Final Fantasy 5 ~1.43 MB
The Super Nintendo version pre-patched with the English patch. I recommend this
version over the Gameboy Advance re-release.

GBA: Final Fantasy 5 Advance ~4.85 MB
The Gameboy Advance re-release. There are four new job classes, a new dungeon,
new battle backgrounds and beastiary. Besides that it's basically the same game.

Emulation - Hacked Versions

GBA: Final Fantasy 5 Adv: Sound Restored ~4.60 MB
Pre-patched with the sound restoration patch. The Sound is restored to the original
quality, and more!

SNES: Final Fantasy 5 Spoof ~1.45 MB
Pre-patched with the spoof patch. Make FF5 so HILARIOUS. You'll be crying from
laughter! Although the jokes are dirty and sexual so you need to like that kind of humor.

SNES: Final Fantasy 5 Hard Type ~1.43 MB
Pre-patched with the hard type patch. Makes the game harder!

SNES: Final Fantasy 5 Cloud Hack ~1.43 MB
Pre-patched with the Cloud patch. This is just a simple hack that replaces the overworld
sprite of the main character (not the battle sprite) with Cloud from Final Fantasy VII.


Final Fantasy 5 Sound
Restoration Patch

( 5.43 MB )
This is to be applied to the GBA version. This hack completely restores the sound quality of the SNES version in all music tunes. The amount of slowdown in the game is majorly reduced. A new streamed orchestral intro is added. A dozen sound effects are fixed too. Refer to the ReadMe for more info.
Final Fantasy 5 Spoof Patch
( 6.33 KB )
This is to be applied to the SNES version. I highly recommend using this patch! It replaces most of the dialogue (up to the Earth crystal) with hilarious jokes. This is the best spoof I've ever experienced! Download it right now! >_< Check this out, I captured a bunch of screen shots from it:
Bundle #1, Bundle #2, Bundle #3, Bundle #4, Bundle #5, Bundle #6
Also, you can check out this video series on YouTube for a preview of this spoof.
Final Fantasy 5 Hard Type
( 6.33 KB )
This is to be applied to the SNES version. Do you think Final Fantasy 5 is way too easy? Well then apply the Hard Type patch!Most of the monster stats have been tweaked to higher numbers. Some of the characters stats have been fiddled with as well. Just note that this patch only covers around half of the game.
The Cloud Patch
( 248 KB )
This is to be applied to the SNES version. This patch replaces the main character, Butz, with Cloud from Final Fantasy 7. Yup, that includes all of Butz's animation frames; with the exception of his battle sprites. Click here for some screen shots

Check out my Patching Tutorial if you need help on patching


You need a Super Nintendo emulator in order to play the Super Nintendo version of FF5 and a Gameboy Advance emulator to play the Gameboy Advance version of FF5:
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