Front Mission: Gun Hazard



Albert is the main character whom you control throughout the whole game. You can equip him different Wanzer suits, weapons, shields, special weapons, Wanzer parts/upgrades, and more.

Brenda Lockheart

Brenda is a mercenary who, at first, is against you. She joins up with you after certain terrorist acts take place. She pilots the carrier that takes you around the maps. During battle she assists you as a sniper, shooting powerful blasts from the carrier. But you don't actually see her shooting from the carrier, all you see are blasts coming out of nowhere from the edge of the screen. That carrier you see toward the right of this description is what she uses (to blow you to bits) the first time you meet her. Leveling her up doesn't do much. The only significant way for her power to increase is by obtaining a better carrier.

Clark Wilson

Clark is a lieutenant of the first country you go to as a mercenary. He joins you because his fuehrer insists that he does in order to gain experience. During battle he assists you in his own Wanzer with a soso-powerful Vulcan.

Emile Szynskii

Emile is a soldier of an allied army who "failed" his mission. Events that occur end up having his life in danger. You save him and he joins up with you. During battle, he repairs your Wanzer when it is low on HP. He hardly assists you in battle; all he has is a freakin pellet gun.

Luven Al-habi

Luven's Wanzer, the Jester, tosses bombs at short distances that quickly detonate. They're quite powerful, and almost always destroy enemy Wanzers upon impact. However, as promising as that sounds, Luven's bombs damage you as well! So be careful when using him.

Axel Bongo

Axel's Squirrel is a fairly decent piece of equipment; other than having a lower profile than Albert and respectable weapons, Axel also fights highly defensively. A good all-rounder.

Akihiko Sakata

Dr. Sakata's custom shield Wanzer is the most useful ally you could hope for; though it has no weapons of its own, the Sakata Shield can absorb any attack whilst active, greatly reducing the overall amount of damage you sustain during the course of a mission. Moreover, he's invincible for as long as the shield remains in effect, allowing you to go about your business without having to keep constant tabs on his health.


Consider Rook to be Clark on steroids; while his Wanzer shares Clark's singular inability to target anything smaller than another Wanzer, it has enough firepower to seriously endanger the opposition.

Anita Diamonte

A member of the Guardians; Anita's attack ship, the Espada, is a small and maneuverable craft, armed with cannons as well as a highly powerful bomb. Her lack of size means that she generally can escape most fire, but her damage output tends to be erratic at best. Furthermore, the Espada's low HP doesn't lend itself well to intense firefights.


It's a robot built by Sakata. If selected as an ally, it'll follow Albert around, displaying a bare-bones map of the surrounding area. It's also immune to damage. Although it communicates only in beeps and boops, it can be rather amusing - take it with you on the final mission for some humorous introspection on Albert's part.