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This website is a collection of mini reviews for the most popular non RPG games on the classic gaming systems shown above. Also offered are gameplay movies to preview the games, the soundtrack for download, and even the game for download! I also cover a few English translated games (that were never officially released outside of Japan) and some popular hacks for certain games.

So why cover only the most popular games? Why not all of them? Because there are already plenty of ROM sites out there. Rather, the focus of RPG Lunch Break is to help you discover new games.

So why cover all games except RPGs? Well, this website is a subsite of The main section (shown on the homepage) already thoroughly covers classic RPGs with in-depth shrines. I'm a very passionate classic gamer - RPG Lunch Break is just an excuse for me to (briefly) cover games other than RPGs.

Soundtracks Galore

You can download the soundtrack for nearly all the games covered here. They're not in MP3 - they're in formats far better than MP3! I explain this in further detail in my Extracted Game Music tutorial.

Top Games

The following top games were ranked by their popularity in this site from the number of downloads. Many of these games are delicious hidden gems that you probably haven't heard of.

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