Q: Game saves??

Did you accidentally delete your saved game in Final Fantasy Adventure? Do you want to skip certain parts of the game? Do you want to search for specific game sprites to capture? Whatever the case may be, these game saves are here to save the day. ^_^

Q: What are these?

Each zip contains a *.sav file and an *.sn1 file. The SAV file is compatible with any Gameboy emulator. The SN1 file is a "BGB" save state file, which is only compatible with the BGB Gameboy emulator.


Collecting the following game saves was a joint effort between myself and the one known as Tropicon. He is the webmaster of VGMapper.com, the #1 website for video game maps!


I have step-by-step directions in my Game Saves Tutorial.

Save #1 - First Cave ~23 KB
In front of the first cave. Just got the Mattock from Bogard. Enter the cave and use the Mattock to break down the rocks blocking your path.

Save #2 - Kett's Place ~23.1 KB
In front of Kett's place. Enter, talk to the guy, and take a nap.

Save #3 - Marsh Cave ~23.2 KB
In front of the Marsh Cave. Use the Bronze Key to enter.

Save #4 - Kett's Place Revisited ~23.3 KB
In front of the guy at Kett's. Use the Mirror to show his true form.

Save #5 - Wendel ~23.3 KB
In front of the shrine at Wendel. Just defeated the vampire at Kett's. Enter the shrine and talk to the old man.

Save #6 - Silver Mine ~23 KB
In front of the Silver Mine. Enter. Use Oil to ride the mine cart.

Save #7 - Gaia ~23 KB
In front of the Gaia cave. Silver is equipped so now the cave can be entered. The next dungeon adventure is The Airship!

Save #8 - Airship ~23 KB
In front of the Airship. Walk up the chain to board it.

Save #9 - Menos ~23 KB
Just fell off the airship into the town of Menos and Amanda took your pendant. What a bitch! Go find her. This is saved right outisde Menos.

Save #10 - Medusa's Cave ~23 KB
In front of Medusa's Cave. Enter and talk to Amanda.

Save #11 - Devias's Mansion ~23.4 KB
In front of Davias's Mansion. Use "Amanda" on the parrot to reveal the hidden staircase and enter the dungeon.

Save #12 - Cave at Mt. Rocks ~23.6 KB
In front of the Cave of Mt. Rocks, also known as "Cave at the Waterfall". Enter and conquer! The exit will lead you to the western part of the map, where you can travel to the top of Mt. Rocks.

Save #13 - Mt. Rocks ~24 KB
In front of Mt. Rocks. Enter and conquer! This dungeon can be confusing if you don't know what to do. In this save's ReadMe I included an exert from a GameFAQs walkthrough telling you what to do.

Save #14 - Glaive Castle ~23.5 KB
In front of Glaive Castle. Enter and conquer! Ah, but remember, there's no turning back! You're stuck at the castle until you conquer it.

Save #15 - Cave of Snowfields ~23.5 KB
In front of the Cave of Snowfields. Enter and conquer!

Save #16 - Floatrocks ~23.9 KB
At the beginning of the "Floatrocks" venture. Travel across the land and reach the Cave in Floatrocks.

Save #17 - Cave in Floatrocks ~23.9 KB
At the entrance to the Cave in Floatrocks. Use the "Bone" key to enter.

Save #18 - Undersea Volcano ~23.9 KB
In front of the Undersea Volcano cave. Enter and conquer!

Save #19 - Lich's Cave ~23.6 KB
In front of Lich's cave. Enter and conquer!

Save #20 - Cave of Ruins ~23.4 KB
In front of the Cave of Ruins. Enter and conquer!

Save #21 - Dime Tower ~21.4 KB
In front of the Dime Tower. Enter and conquer!

Save #22 - Temple of Mana ~21.2 KB
In front of the Temple of Mana. Enter and conquer!

Save #23 - Final Battle Ground ~21.3 KB
In front of the ground where the final battle takes place. Enter, if you dare!