The Game

You will need a Super Nintendo emulator to play Terranigma. You can download one from my emulators page. If you need assistance with any of the emulators offered on my site, check out my emulation help subsite: Video Game Emulation for Newbies.

Terranigma (E)

Super NintendoTerranigma (E)

The original version of Terranigma that we all know and love. As mentioned in about the game, Terranigma was not released in North America so I need to offer the European version here. Additionally, I need to urge you not to download this version because the ROM hacks below offer a far better experience.

Download 2.84 MB

ROM Hacks

A variety of hacks have been made to give Terranigma a better experience! What's “Pre-patched” and “Patch”? Hackers distribute their work as a patch that is meant to be applied to the game. I saved you the trouble and patched the game for you in the “Pre-patched” download button. I know some of you insist on patching the game yourself, so I also provide just the patch via the “Patch” download button. If you need assistance with patching, check out my patching tutorial.

Terranigma NTSC

Super NintendoTerranigma NTSC

Since Terranigma was released in Europe, the game runs at 25 frames per second to support PAL televisions. North American NTSC televisions run at 60 frames per second. This causes the game to run slower in SNES emulators because it's optimized for PAL's lower framerate. Fortunately, this hack corrects this by converting the European game from PAL to NTSC. Pretty cool huh?

Pre-patched 2.84 MB
Patch 1 KB
Terranigma VWF

Super NintendoTerranigma VWF

This is the VWF (vertical wide font) hack a.k.a. the 8x16 hack. Terranigma has very  w i d e t e x t. This hack corrects it by removing the spaces between the letters. Game dialogue is easier to read.

Pre-patched 2.84 MB
Patch 2.41 KB

Other Games

As mentioned in about the game, Terranigma is a part of the “Soul Blazer” series. I have the other two games below for you.

Illusion of Gaia

Super NintendoIllusion of Gaia (US)

This is the North American version of Illusion of Gaia. This game is the second title in the “Soul Blazer” series.

Download 1.57 MB
Soul Blazer

Super NintendoSoul Blazer (US)

This is the North American version of Soul Blazer. This game is the first title in the “Soul Blazer” series.

Download 815 KB