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Terranigma is an action RPG by Quintet, released for the Super Nintendo in Japan in 1995. Manga artist Kamui Fujiwara is credited with the character designs. The game tells the story of the Earth's resurrection by the hands of a boy named Ark, and its progress from the evolution of life to the present day.

It was published by Enix in Japan before Nintendo localized the game and released English, German, French and Spanish versions in Europe and Australia. Terranigma wound up never being published in North America because Enix had already closed its US subsidiary by the time the localization was finished.

Terranigma is Quintet's third action RPG on the Super Nintendo. The first was Soul Blazer and the second was Illusion of Gaia. All games share a similar look and feel. Hence, fans like to call these games “the Soul Blazer series.”

Prelude Story

The planet possessed two souls. An external face and an internal face. Lightside and dark side. forty-six billion years since the planet's birth, growth, and decline circle to two wills.

At the will of Lightside, new life is born. Lightside wills intelligent beings. Rapid progress takes root. Darkside's will breed fear and disharmony. They came to be called God and Devil.

(To the left, view the game's prelude sequence. This includes the sequences before and after the title screen.)

Battle System

Ark (the main character) can attack in several ways with his bō.


Running Double-tap a direction.


Jumping Press 'B'.


Attack Press 'A'.

Rushing Attack

Rushing Attack Press 'A' repeatedly. Good for tougher enemies.

Slicer Attack

Slicer Attack Run and press 'A'. Good for quick enemies.

Spinner Attack

Spinner Attack Press 'A' and 'B' simultaneously. Good for flying enemies.

Slider Attack

Slider Attack Run and press 'A' and 'B' simultaneously.


X-Guard Press 'R' to block.

The best attack would probably be the “slider” attack since that one makes it easier to hit and run. It gives you two advantages: (1) you can easily dodge an enemy's counterattack, (2) you can easily get to a good position to hit the enemy with another good blow. It has one drawback; it takes a tiny bit longer to do, so once you execute it you're in danger of getting hit by the enemy.

My Opinion

Fighting easy enemies in the beginning of the game

Terranigma is such an amazing game! The music, graphics, and story are beautiful. The controls are smooth; attacking with Ark with the variety of moves is fun. What I like best about this game is its originality. An unexplained event turned the whole world into a barren wasteland, so you're given the job to revive parts of the world from plants and animals to whole continents. Ark's weapon is awesome and so fun to use.

I haven't beaten Terranigma yet so I don't have much to say about it. I can tell you this game is special; it's clear it was made with love and care. Every time I mention it on FantasyAnime's social media, the game receives a great deal of love. It's a dear favorite classic among many classic gamers.

Nick's Review

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