After Final Fantasy 6, Square had its employees work on a 3D graphics demo to hone their three-dimensional artistry. They produced the Final Fantasy SGI demo. This demo featured FF6's Locke, Terra, and Shadow and ran only on high-powered Silicon Graphics workstations. The game was uniquely controlled through a series of mouse movements (for example, moving the mouse in a star shape summoned a dragon). It was assumed that the Final Fantasy SGI demo showed what the new N64 Final Fantasy would look like, but Square stunned the gaming world when they announced Final Fantasy 7 would be for the PlayStation instead. Such controversy! Anyway, if you want to learn more about the Final Fantasy SGI demo, then check out this sexy article at Lost Levels Online.

The following are some sexy screen shots from this demo. Is it just me, or does that first picture with Locke look like he has breasts? Geez, those things would make Dolly Parton look twice and raise an eyebrow. Here's a picture I made with Locke trying to get Tifa jealous about his bigger and perkier breasts, with Scooby Doo popping out of nowhere for no apparent reason.

And I have here some movie clips from the Final Fantasy SGI Demo. The quality of the clips are terrible. Sorry about that, but this is all there is. The three MOV clips are the originals. The WMV & Flash clip contains a version I created; I bundled together the three clips and did what I could in my video editor to help improve quality. Prepare to wet your pants as you gaze upon what probably would have been Final Fantasy 7 on the N64.

View Parts 1-3 on YouTube, 05:21

SGI Demo: Parts 1-3
     Windows Media WMV clip, 05:21, 4 MB

SGI Demo: Part 1
     Quicktime MOV clip, 01:31, 2.76 MB

SGI Demo: Part 2
     Quicktime MOV clip, 01:57, 3.66 MB

SGI Demo: Part 3
     Quicktime MOV clip, 01:55, 3.45 MB