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Final Fantasy for NES

Final Fantasy NES, Box backFinal Fantasy NES - Box frontThe very first Final Fantasy that started it all! Final Fantasy is an RPG made by Squaresoft, released in 1987 for the 8-bit Nintendo in North America. It had several qualities and features that no other RPG had at the time. The aspect that you could actually choose the members of your party made the game overflow with replay value. Another aspect is that the game actually had a storyline! There was more dialogue than any other current RPG. The music was great for its time too! It blew many people away.

Final Fantasy for WonderSwan Color  (Japan only)

Final Fantasy for WonderSwanIn December of 2000, Squaresoft released a remade version of Final Fantasy for the WonderSwan Color in Japan. It featured many new graphical changes. The 8-bit graphics of the original NES game were updated, battle scenes incorporated full background images, and character and enemy sprites were re-drawn to look more like the ones from the SNES Final Fantasy games.

Final Fantasy Origins for PSX

Final Fantasy Origins for Sony PlaystationIn April of 2003, Squaresoft released a remade version of Final Fantasy 1 and 2 for the Sony Playstation in North America. This version was similar to the WonderSwan Color remake, and featured several changes, such as more detailed graphics, a remixed soundtrack, added full motion video sequences, and art galleries of Yoshitaka Amano's illustrations.

Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls for Game Boy Advance

Final Fantasy I and II: Dawn of Souls for Game Boy AdvanceFinal Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls is, like Final Fantasy Origins, a port of the first two games in the series for the Game Boy Advance in 2004 by Squaresoft Square Enix. The Final Fantasy version incorporates various new elements, including four additional dungeons, an updated bestiary, and a few gameplay tweaks.

Final Fantasy I & II for PSP

Final Fantasy 2 for the Sony PSPFinal Fantasy 1 for the Sony PSPFor the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy, Square Enix remade Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II for the PlayStation Portable. The games were released in Japan and North America in 2007, and in PAL territories in 2008. The PSP version features higher-resolution 2D graphics, full motion video sequences, a remixed soundtrack, and a new dungeon as well as the bonus dungeons from Dawn of Souls. The script is the same as in the Dawn of Souls version, aside from the new dungeon.

Final Fantasy I for Wii

In October of 2009, Square Enix released the original NES version of the game on the Wii's Virtual Console service in North American. PAL region got it in May of 2010.

Final Fantasy I & II for iPhone

In February of 2010, Square Enix released Final Fantasy I & II for the iPhone and iPod Touch, worldwide. It's a port of the Sony PSP version. Click here to view some screen shots from part 1, and click here for part 2.

Final Fantasy I for cell phones

Square Enix collaborated with Namco to release a mobile version of Final Fantasy that is made available globally. The mobile version retains the same game difficulty and MP System from the original Famicom version but the rest of the game elements is borrowed from the Game Boy Advance & Wonderswan Color version such as updated graphics, spell names, monster names, bosses, items and areas (but this version does not feature additional areas and monsters present in the GBA version). Saving a game data is done like in the original Famicom version (by using Tent, Sleeping Bag and Cottage or by going into an inn) but there are now 3 save game slots and a "Temporary Save" option available in the game. Click here to view some screen shots.

Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy III was remade into 3D and released for pretty much every system out there! The characters were given personalities and background stories. There's a new job system along with new abilities. The job system has been rebalanced so that the jobs are useful throughout the whole game. There are also new events, a new crystal, and a new dungeon. Click here to see some Nintendo DS screen shots. The game was pixelish on the Nintendo DS, but click here to see how the Windows port looks like with its HD 3D graphics. Here's the full list of release dates:
Nintendo DS - released August 2006
Virtual Console - released for Wii on July 2009, and Wii U on January 2014
iOS - released March 2011
Android - released March 2012
PSP (PlayStation Network) - released September 2012
Ouya - released April 2013
Windows Phone - released December 2013
Windows (Steam) - released May 2014

FF1's Story

The 4 orbs are gradually losing their power, as it is sucked out of them by the 4 powerful and merciless fiends, who hope to take over the world using the power of the very essence of life itself. Soon, the world will be plunged into darkness, and there is only one hope. Four warriors must undergo a testing of their true strength and power to re-energize the orbs, defeat the fiends, find out who is causing such a horrible disturbance and destroy the source of the problem.

My Opinion

Well... I've played none of these games! ^^;; I can't really comment on them. (That would explain why this shrine is not as involved as my others.) I wasn't interested in RPG's when the original Final Fantasy came out, so I never grew an interest for it. If I did I'm sure I would have some cherished memories to fuel a liking a for it. Devote Squaresoft fans that have played the original Final Fantasy say that it's one of the best. And I've heard the remakes are great.

Other Opinions

To make up for my lack of a solid opinion, I thought I'd ask people in FantasyAnime's Facebook what they thought of the original Final Fantasy for the NES:

I played the original on NES. Fun game except when you accidentally forget to save! Lots of grinding (which the GBA version has fixed). Be sure to get 99 of all the items you can afford and it goes slowly...the original Nintendo Power guide was very useful as well for the maps.

It was the Skyrim of its time! Long game to play through considering majority of games were like sonic and sh*t. So it truly was in a class of its own back in the day.

I got it from my folks for winning my 6th grade spelling bee. I was a hardcore Dragon Warrior player and wanted to try something else in the genre out but there really wasn't any alternative until FF. It was a mindblowing experience in 1990. Much faster paced than DW, animated spells, different looks to each weapon, more modern feel with things like the robot in the waterfall and sky palace, and a freaking airship! I can see how those who played it after the SNES offerings wouldn't have appreciated it as much but for it's time, it was a tremendous gaming experience. Not to mention when I found the “HERE LIES ERDRICK” tombstone, I about died laughing!

As a kid it was a very unique experience for me. I think even as an adult it still holds up for me.

It was very different from other NES games as it had like... build up in the form of random battles but after playing all the FF games in full it's clunky, imbalanced and has aged like fine milk.

I think the earliest exposure I had to the original Final Fantasy was in Origins, but the first time I played the NES ROM I did fall in love with it. It would've been a game that I could have been absorbed with back then, if it'd been released in my country.

I played the GBA version because the NES version did not age very well. If I played the game with no knowledge of the sequels' existence I probably would have enjoyed it, but the game does not pace very well. The battles drag, it takes forever to level up and gain a sizable amount of Gil (or in the NTSC port, GP), and since it is the first installment they didn't account for error like they do today. For instance if multiple characters target an enemy (or an ally for healing) and the target dies then you wasted a turn. Maybe I'll try and go further if I get a physical copy of the NES game (or emulate again), but as it stands it's not the definitive version since there's better ports out there.

I tried the first NES version, but didn't really play it very long. The story felt generic, but it had the trademark battle music we all know and love, but only NES sound quality. Tried to play the original Dragon Warrior, but ended up only playing the SNES remake.

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