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Photo of the box, cart and manual
Photo of the box, cart and manual

Photo of the box, cart
and manual
Scan of the box (front)
Scan of the box (front)

Scan of the box

Pretty Solider Sailor Moon: Another Story (a.k.a. Sailor Moon RPG) is an RPG by Angel; released in 1995 in Japan for the Super Nintendo. The game carries the same humor and action that we all love from the Sailor Moon anime. The storyline takes place after the third season of Sailor Moon. You'll see many references to the Queen Beryl saga, the Death Phantom saga (a.k.a. Wise Man saga), the Death Busters saga (a.k.a. Heart Snatchers saga), and others.

In September of 1999, the unofficial English translation for Sailor Moon RPG was completed by Bishoujo Senshi Translations. This was one of the first games ever to receive a fan translation. Back then, Super Nintendo emulation was unheard of. Everyone was like, “I can play SNES games on my computer? Really?! OMG!!!” Furthermore, the Sailor Moon anime was at the peak of its popularity. Just imagine how excited everyone was to know about playing SNES games on their computer PLUS being able to play a Sailor Moon RPG! This translation remained popular ever since its release.

As wonderful as Bishoujo Senshi Translations' translation was, it wasn't perfect. A couple big fans of the game, “mteam” and “vivify93,” got together and worked on a massive improvement for it. Twenty years after BST's initial release, in June of 2019 the improved Sailor Moon RPG translation was released. The goal of the improvement effort was to ensure that once and for all, Sailor Moon RPG would receive an accurate and readable translation. There are also several fixes to issues and bugs in the original game. In my downloads page, you'll find that I offer both the improved translation and BST's original translation.

Battle System

Instead of MP there is EP; everyone's maximum EP is 12. There are several items you can use to refill EP. Everyone's EP is fully restored after every battle. The EP-restoring is great for normal battles, but its 12 EP limit sucks during boss battles, you have to keep on restoring it yourself using your precious EP-restoring items. The combination attacks are known as double techs and triple techs. Techs only use up the character's turn that you choose the tech with. They don't use up the turns of other characters who participate in a multiple tech attack. When you select Defend in battle, it really does defend! Your defense goes up like 90%-95%. Don't forget that if you choose a multiple tech and one of the characters involved with the tech is stone, charmed, or selfish then the tech will not work.

Tips and Strategy

Each time you start in a new area you must build up your the levels of your character(s)! Enemies start out very strong! Luckily, your characters gain strength quickly as they gain levels. Even though multiple techs seem like they're stronger - most aren't. Sometimes a character's single attacks are stronger than multiple techs. Sometimes using the 1 EP-2 EP attacks are stronger than attacks that use a lot of EP. Don't hold back with healing items! You'll really need them when you're building up levels. Sailor Moon and Chibi-Moon can morph to super versions. Both of them have a single super attack in these forms. However, they lose their original set of techs for that battle.

My Opinion

Picture of last bossIf you love Sailor Moon, then you will definitely love this game! The battles are fun, the attacks are so cool and the storyline is so interesting. And the Sailor Soldiers talk in battle! When they get hit they scream in their real Japanese voices! When they do their special attack they say it in their real Japanese voices! When they attack their war cry is said in their real Japanese voices! That's a pretty amazing feature when you consider that Tales of Phantasia is the only other SNES RPG with characters calling out every attack.

The graphics are okay and the music is alright. What I like best about the game is how closely the storyline is to the show. It also changes around the origin of Queen Beryl and her loyal generals with an interesting twist. However, RPG-wise, Sailor Moon RPG is terrible. I mean, all the bosses do pretty much the same thing! Their sequence of attacks is like this: attack, attack, attack, special attack that doesn't affect anyone, attack, attack, attack, attack, special attack that doesn't affect anyone, attack, etc. The challenge is awkward. Each time you enter a new area the enemies are ridiculously strong, then after leveling up some your characters overpower them big-time, making the game ridiculously easy. The battle encounter rate is annoyingly high. Overall, I'd recommend Sailor Moon RPG only to fans of the show and devoted RPG fans.

On a side note, there's a friend of mine who beat Sailor Moon RPG in Japanese! Here's a quote from her:
"...eh heh heh...It's like when i played and beat Sailor Moon: Another Story in Japanese... It was like.. "Okay... i got that i am suppose to go SOMEWHERE.. but where is the question..uhm..okay..i'll go to mamo-chans... nope... okay... I'll go to the temple on cherry hill.... nooope.. okay.. i will go to Osa-P...HEY! BAD GUY!! WOOO!! THAT'S WHERE I WAS SUPPOSE TO GO!! ^^;;; And the gun part is like when you have played the game for like 12 hrs straight, you are at the final boss-ish area.. and then you realize, HEY! THERE'S A MENU UNDER THE START BUTTON!! V_V;; THEEEEEN you learn about TECHS. V_V;;;;;;;;;;;;;"

Sailor Star Dust's Review

An awesome person known as Sailor Star Dust took the time to write a detailed review of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Another Story for me. It covers the game better than my review on this page, lol. Plus it gives you a chance to hear from someone else's perspective.
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