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Alcahest for the Super Nintendo

The hero and his partner The first boss in the game

The best arcade-style action RPG on the Super Nintendo

The distant past, the remote future... both are indefinite periods. An ominous star's radiance appears in the sky, bringing a looming doom. The demon god Alcahest appeared, bringing chaos and ruin. In this time of despair, a single swordsman stood in defiance.

The four powers that protect the world, “The Guardians”, sought out the swordsman. Borrowing the Guardian's power, the swordsman finally slew the demon.

A thousand years have passed and a new battle ensues. A ruthless emperor leads his troops towards world conquest. The kingdom of Panakeia was able to defend itself with the aid of its knights. Once again, an ominous star shines in the sky, hinting at the demon's revival. At this sign, an envoy from Hell is called to this world.

A really fun action RPG

Alcahest was released on the Super Famicon in Japan in 1993. It was developed by HAL Laboratory and published by Squaresoft. Although Alcahest never left Japan, in 2002 it unofficially became available in English thanks to fan translators.

Alcahest is a unique game which combines elements of an action RPG with an arcade-style experience. There's never a dull moment; with every stage you gain new attacks, a new companion, and a new guardian spirit. The action is further stimulated by an excellent soundtrack.

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Beautiful 16-bit graphics

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A fantastic, oddly familiar soundtrack

If you listen to the entire soundtrack, you might get a strange feeling that it somehow sounds familiar. It's not your imagination playing tricks on you. It was composed by Jun Ishikawa, the same guy behind the soundtracks for the Kirby's Dreamland games.

Overworld (Stage 1)

Cave (Stage 1)

Floor (Stage 3)

Sky (Stage 4)

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