The beginning of the game when you're fighting against Shinra in Midgar. The shots in this collection are HD.

Cloud stands before the entrance of Reactor 1


The beginning adventures with Avalanche. Barret, Tifa, and Sector 7 are introduced.

57 shots

Cloud and company trying to get information from Don Corneo

Sector 5

When Cloud meets Aeris and dresses in drag in Sector 5 to visit Don Corneo's Mansion.

38 shots

Battling Rufus to defend the Sector 7 plate

Fall of Sector 7

The Train Graveyard and the tragic fall of the Sector 7 plate.

41 shots

Cloud on a motorcycle

Invaiding Shinra

The invision of the Shinra building and the exciting motorcycle escape.

54 shots

First Continent

The parts of the game that take place when you first enter the world map.

Sephiroth dramatically walking into the flames

Cloud's Flashback

When Cloud attempts to tell you his past. He tells us about Nibelheim and Sephiroth.

50 shots

The large bird at the top of Fort Condor

Fort Condor

Exploring the marshes, Fort Condor, and the Mythril Mines.

29 shots

Standing before Junon


Introducing Midgar's sister city, Junon. This gallery includes the attempts to enter Junon and Rufus' sendoff ceremony.

46 shots

Second Continent

The parts of the game that take place when you venture across the second continent.

Cargo ship

Across the ocean in the cargo ship. Then a visit to Costa del Sol and Corel.

30 shots

Gold Saucer

Introducing the Gold Saucer! Check out all the awesome rides!

36 shots

Chocobo Racing

The escape from Corel Prison, the exciting chocobo races, and the mystery of Gongaga Village.

44 shots

Cosmo Canyon

Introducing Red XIII's home, Cosmo Canyon. There we learn the secrets of the planet from Bugenhagen.

30 shots


Passing through Nibelheim. We meet the secret character, Vincent.

23 shots

Rocket Town

Passing through Rocket Town, meeting Cid, and obtaining the Tiny Bronco.

26 shots

Tiny Bronco

The parts of the game you reach by traveling via the Tiny Bronco.


Captures of Wutai, Bone Village, and various parts of the world.

24 shots

The Keystone

The search for the Keystone! This gallery includes the second visit to the Gold Saucer and the Temple of the Ancients.

25 shots

Forgotten City

The adventure in the Forgotten City where Aeris's tragedy occurs.

40 shots

Gaea's Cliff

The adventures through the frozen ice cap of the world. This gallery includes the exciting snowboard stage.

40 shots

Whirlwind Maze

The enthralling events of the Whirlwind Maze (a.k.a. the crater).

47 shots

The Highwind

The parts of the game you reach by traveling via the airship, The Highwind.

Invasion of Junon

Weapon invades Junon as Tifa and Barret struggle to escape. Afterwards, they obtain the Highwind.

52 shots

The Huge Materia

Collecting the Huge Materia in Corel, Fort Condor, Rocket Town, and the Underwater Mako Plant.

57 shots

Recovering Cloud

When Cloud is found and Tifa attempts to bring him back, both physically and mentally.

41 shots

The Forgotten City

Back to the Forgotten City to discover the secret to saving the planet.

16 shots

Return to Midgar

Weapon's invasion of Midgar and the final battles with Midgar's foes.

52 shots


Everyone confirming their decision to save the world. Then they enter the final dungeon.

48 shots

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