Did you accidentally delete your saved game in Final Fantasy 7? Do you want to skip certain parts of the game? Whatever the case may be, these game saves are here to save the day. ^_^


Each save is an *.mcr file, which is compatible with any PSX emulator. Each *.mcr file contains only the specified Final Fantasy 7 save, and all other slots are empty. These saves were captured with the NTSC version of Final Fantasy 7 so they will not work with PAL or other versions.


I have step-by-step directions in my Game Saves Tutorial.


Save 01, Sector 7 Slums Defeated the Guard Scorpion and blew up Reactor No. 1. Just got off the train. Walk west to find Barret and enter the bar. 8.15 KB
Save 02, Reactor 5 At the first save point in Reactor No. 5. 7.36 KB
Save 03, Sector 5 Slums At Aeris's house. Just stayed the night and snuck out. Next on the agenda is to go to the Wall Market. 7.50 KB
Save 04, Cloud in Drag At the Wall Market. Cloud is in drag. Walk north and enter Corneo's mansion. 7.51 KB
Save 05, Train Graveyard At the beginning of the Train Graveyard. 7.49 KB
Save 06, Sector 7 Pillar At the bottom of the Sector 7 pillar. Shinra's trying to destroy it! Try to stop them! 7.53 KB
Save 07, Wire Climb At the Wall Market. At Corneo's mansion go east and climb up the wire to reach Shinra HQ. 7.56 KB
Save 08, Shinra Building At the front of the Shinra Building. Enter and conquer! 7.54 KB
Save 09, Shinra - 64th Floor In the Shinra building on the 64th floor. Just entered the 64th floor. 7.57 KB
Save 10, Shinra - Rescue Aeris In the Shinra building on the 67th floor. Just came across Red XIII for the first time (he doesn't join yet). Go up the nearby elevator to find Aeris. 7.64 KB
Save 11, Shinra - Bloody Floors In the Shinra building on the 67th floor. Just escaped from the prison cells. The floors are covered with blood. Who could it be? 7.69 KB
Save 12, Motorcycle Chase In the Shinra building on the 69th floor. Just battled against Rufus. Next is the famous exciting motorcycle chase! 7.70 KB
Save 13, Cloud's Flashback Just got out of Midgar and onto the world map for the first time; in front of the town of Kalm. Enter. Everyone will run into the inn. Enter the inn and go to the second floor. A flashback sequence will ensue revealing Cloud's past. 7.80 KB
Save 14, Cloud's Flashback 2 Still in the town of Kalm. Cloud is midway through his story about his past. 7.71 KB
Save 15, Mythril Mines In front of the Mithril Mines. Enter and conquer! 7.72 KB
Save 16, Fort Condor At Fort Condor; help them battle against Shinra! 7.71 KB
Save 17, Junon Right next to Junon. Enter, go to the beach and talk to the kid. 7.74 KB
Save 18, Rufus' Sendoff At the Junon Inn. Exit and head north to perform for Rufus a sendoff ceremony. 7.79 KB
Save 19, Cargo Ship On the cargo ship; go down the ladder and head left. Speak with Barret, who's doing some obvious spying. 7.81 KB
Save 20, Mt Corel At the entrance of Mt. Corel. Enter. 7.78 KB
Save 21, Gold Saucer In front of Corel. Enter and head west to come across the transport to the Gold Saucer! Ah, but before you get on the transport Barrett wants to give you a flashback. 7.87 KB
Save 22, Corel Prison At Corel Prison. Just arrived. 7.88 KB
Save 23, Gongaga Town In front of Gongaga Town. Enter and prepare yourself for another battle with The Turks. Don't forget to grab "Titan" from the broken reactor. 7.93 KB
Save 24, Cosmo Canyon In front of Cosmo Canyon. Enter. 7.92 KB
Save 25, Cave of the Gi In Cosmo Canyon. Follow the old guy to go to the Cave of the Gi. 7.95 KB
Save 26, Nibelheim In front of Nibelheim. Enter. 7.92 KB
Save 27, Mt Nibel In front of Mt. Nibel. Enter. 7.98 KB
Save 28, Materia Keeper Battle In Mt. Nibel. Prepare yourself for an immediate battle with the Materia Keeper! 8.04 KB
Save 29, Rocket Town In front of Rocket Town. Enter and look for the airplane. 8.03 KB
Save 30, Keystone In front of the Town of Corel. Go up to the Gold Saucer's battle arena to get the keystone. 8.12 KB
Save 31, Temple of the Ancients In front of the Temple of the Ancients. Enter and conquer! 8.12 KB
Save 32, Temple of the Ancients 2 In the middle of the Temple of the Ancients. Further ahead of you is the giant clock pathway thingy. 8.16 KB
Save 33, Temple of the Ancients 3 Inside the Temple of the Ancients. Cross the room with the giant clock hands and prepare yourself for a battle with the "Demon's Gate" wall monster. 8.20 KB
Save 34, Bone Village In front of Bone Village. Enter and at the very end you'll find the entrance to the Sleeping Forest. Eventually you'll come across The Forgotten City (City of the Ancients). 8.24 KB
Save 35, Forgotten City In front of The Forgotten City (City of the Ancients). Enter and conquer! 8.19 KB
Save 36, Murder of Aeris In the bottom of The Forgotten City (City of the Ancients). Proceed further to witness the murder of Aeris. 8.22 KB


Save 37, Icicle Inn In front of the town of "Icicle Inn". Enter. 8.20 KB
Save 38, Gaea Cliff At the base of Gaea's cliff. Get ready to climb up! 8.22 KB
Save 39, Gaea Cliff 2 Inside Gaea's cliff. This is around halfway through the Gaea's Cliff venture. 8.25 KB
Save 40, Gaea Cliff 3 At the last save point inside Gaea's cliff. Walk east and prepare yourself for a boss battle! 8.27 KB
Save 41, Whirlwind Maze At the Whirlwind Maze. 8.23 KB
Save 42, Whirlwind Maze 2 The end of the Whirlwind Maze. Walk further and face Sephiroth! 8.27 KB
Save 43, Junon - 2nd Floor At Junon on the second floor. (FYI, Cloud is gone and the Weapons are loose.) 8.29 KB
Save 44, Cloud Is Found In front of Mideel. Enter and find Cloud. 8.30 KB
Save 45, Fort Condor At Fort Condor. Shinra's trying to get their huge materia! Help them! 8.33 KB
Save 46, Mt Corel At Mt. Corel. Go west to the Mako plant and don't let Shinra get the huge materia! 8.34 KB
Save 47, Underwater Mako Plant Right in front of Junon. Enter and find the underwater Mako plant and don't let Shinra have the Huge Materia! 8.38 KB
Save 48, To The Submarine In the underwater Mako plant. Walk further, battle a couple easy battles, and then you'll stumble upon a boss battle. Afterwards is the famous 3D submarine chase. 8.42 KB
Save 49, Inside The Submarine Inside the submarine. Coming up is the famous 3D submarine chase. 8.36 KB
Save 50, Rocket Town In front of Rocket Town. Enter and don't let Shinra take the rocket! 8.38 KB
Save 51, Forgotten City In front of The Forgotten City (City of the Ancients). Yup, back here again. This time Grandfather is with you. Enter and discover what you need to defend the planet against meteor. 8.45 KB
Save 52, Weapon Attacks Midgar Weapon is going to attack Midgar! He's walking towards you! Wait for him. 8.37 KB
Save 53, Midgar Just parachuted into Midgar. Go to the Mako reactor and stop Hojo! 8.39 KB
Save 54, Turks Last Battle In Midgar. Go forth and prepare yourself for the last battle with The Turks. 8.41 KB
Save 55, Hojo Battle In Midgar. Go up the ladder to the Sister Cannon and prepare to face Hojo! 8.41 KB


Save 56, Final Dungeon Or Bust Next to Junon. This is the point where you can venture into the final area or explore the world to find all its secrets and do all the remaining side-quests. If you wish to venture into the final area, just fly to the north crater and enter. 8.50 KB
Save 57, Fully Prepared Next to Junon. All the materia has been obtained, most of the side quests have been completed, the best items have been collected, the best chocobo has been bred, and everyone has the best equipment. 3.02 KB

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