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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is a fully animated CGI movie based on FF7. In early 2005 it was released directly to DVD in Japan. As you can see in the screen shots, this movie is absolutely gorgeous. The animation and effects are stunning! The storyline takes place two years after PSX FF7. The world looks to be peaceful, having avoided destruction, but inhabitants have begun suffering a new physical malaise called Seikon-Shoukougun. Cloud has been living alone up to this point. The Advent Children DVD comes with a half hour anime special: Final Fantasy VII: Last Order.


• On 4/4/05 the official North American website went up for the movie. Click here to visit it.
• On 9/05 an English subtitled version of the movie leaked out onto the internet. You can download it here (type the movie's name in the search to find it).
• On 3/28/06 the DVD was officially released in NA, for around $10-15.
• On 6/2/09 the Blu-ray was officially released in NA, for around $15-20.


So is this good? Is it crap? Is it worth buying? Or just renting? Hmm well, Advent Children's quality is controversial. You'll come across people saying it's the greatest thing since sliced bread, and others saying the complete opposite. One thing most people can agree on is that it doesn't have much of a story. The majority of the movie is fighting and eye candy. There's loads of fan service, so it definitely caters to fans of FF7. Probably the most disappointing aspect is that, besides Tifa, all our favorite supporting characters barely make an appearance. Also, the English dubbing is absolutely horrid. They even went as far as to censor the English script. My suggestion is to download the fan subbed version or rent the DVD and watch it in subtitles. Then if you really like it, go buy it.



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