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Genesis, Sega CD, and 32X Emulation: Kega Fusion Tutorial

About Kega Fusion

This tutorial is to help you with Kega Fusion. It was written by the famous Steve Snake. He created the famed emulator KGen in 1997. It wasn't long before his emulator developed a great game compatibility rate, becoming one of the great emulators that popularized video game emulation. Then in 2005 he came out with Kega Fusion. It's a superb emulator that supports Sega Master System, Game Gear, Genesis, Sega CD, 32X, and Sega CD 32X.

*If you would like to download Kega Fusion, I have it in my emulators page.

Extracting & Placement

I suggest you make a new folder called "Genesis" within a folder called "Emulation". You don't have to, but it makes things a little easier for you if you're not too computer literate. Extract all the contents of this emulator's zip file into the Genesis folder. If you don't know how to extract files from a zip file then read this. Put all of your SMS/Game Gear/Genesis ROMs into the Genesis folder too. Gens has zip support, so you do not have to extract ROMs from their zip files. Double-click on "gens" to open it.

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First time tip

Upon opening Kega Fusion for the first time, you'll be greeted by the "Kega Fusion First Time Tip". Don't panic! It's not an error, it's just a friendly tip. It's basically saying if Kega Fusion displays games in a messed up way or not at all, then to change something in Fusion.ini. To open up Fusion.ini you do so by opening it up in Notepad. And to do that:

1. Right-click Fusion.ini and left-click on "Properties".

2. You will arrive here. Click the Change button.

3. Choose "Notepad" from the list and click OK, then OK again to confirm it. From now on Fusion.ini will open up in Notepad.

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Setting up the keyboard or gamepad

1. Click on the Options menu then Set Config, as displayed in the picture shown to the right.

2. Click the Controllers tab.

3. You'll arrive to this screen. Click the Define button.

4. Towards the button of the window you'll be prompted with button names. Press the buttons on your keyboard or the buttons on your gamepad to reconfigure them.

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Loading a game

Click on the File menu and click on the type of game you want to load (as shown to the right). If you placed Kega Fusion in the same folder as your games then you will see them there. Double-click on a game to play it.

Remember, it's important to click on the correct Load. If you accidentally clicked "Load Genesis / 32X ROM" when you're trying to load a Game Gear game, then you'll just get a black screen.

*Loading a Sega CD game is a different ball park and has some strings attached. Read further down for instruction on it.

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Full screen mode

To blow up the game to full screen, go to Video then Full screen. Or press Esc or Alt+Enter. And then to exit full screen, press Esc or Alt+Enter.

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Save states

Save states is a feature that saves the exact spot you are in a game.

1. Once a game is open, press the F5 key to save your game.

2. When you wish to recall your saved state, press F8. Kega Fusion allows you to save up to 10 different states per game. You can switch among these slots by press F6 and F7. All of these features can also be accessed manually in the "File" menu.

Side Note: All the RPG shrines in my FantasyAnime offer complete collections of periodical game saves so that you can continue at any significant point in the game. If you'd like to learn more about how to use somebody else's saves or transfer saves between emulators, check out my Game Saves Tutorial.

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Capturing screen shots

Press Shift+F12 to capture a screen shot. You could also do it by going to the File menu and Save Screen Shot. Gens saves them as a TGA file and places them in the same folder that Gens is in.

Viewing TGA images - TGA is a rather obscure image format and it isn't supported by the Windows picture viewer. Popular image editors like Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro support TGA. If you don't have those, try Or you could just use Gens, which captures screen shots in good 'ol BMP.

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Recording AVI movies

Wow, few emulators come equipped with this awesome feature! So to do this:

1. Open the game you would like to capture from. Play the game up to the point you want to start recording.

2. Go to Video > Log AVI File, as shown here.

3. You'll be prompted for where to save the movie and what to name it. Choose a location, enter a name, and click Save - as shown here. Kega Fusion will immediately begin recording.

4. When you're finished recording, go back to Video > Log AVI File and you'll see a "AVI Logging Stopped" message on the bottom right of the screen.

5. Kega Fusion, unfortunately, records video in a format that you can't do anything with. You can't play it, edit it, or even upload it to YouTube. But what you can do is convert it to a format that you can do anything with! And you do so with WinFF, a free video converter than can convert anything to anything else. Download & install it.

6. With WinFF open, click on the Add icon to add your AVI recording.

7. I recommend converting your AVI to Windows Media (WMV) format. WMV is the most compatible format on Windows and works well with Windows video editors. So choose WMV, WMV2 Generic, click the "..." to set a save location - as shown here.

8. To ensure a quality movie for video editing, bump up the quality to "5000" for 5 MB/s quality video; here's where you do it. People typically watch videos at 1-2 MB/s so 5 MB/s works great for an editing quality.

9. Click the Convert icon when you're ready to convert. That's it! Now do you want to edit your video? On Windows you have Windows Movie Maker to edit video (for free). And when you're done with your movie in it, you can transfer your movie directly to YouTube. It's easy! Once you finish your video, just go to Menu > Publish Movie > YouTube, as shown here.

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Using Game Genie

1. First load the game you want to use cheats with.

2. Click on the File menu then Game Genie / PAR (note: PAR stands for Pro Action Replay).

3. This window pops up. Simply type the code in the Code box, enter a short description, then click Add Code.

4. Click OK when you're done entering your codes.

5. Now to a Soft Reset to restart the game. To do so, go to the File menu then Soft Reset.

Note! You *can* use cheats with multiple lines. You need to enter each line one at a time. I suggest you name each line like "Infinite Weapons 1", "Infinite Weapons 2", "Infinite Weapons 3" so it can be easier to keep track of the cheat. Again, if the cheat doesn't work then that means you either typed it wrong or it's a bad code.

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Finding cheats

You have a couple options.

• There are websites that contain complete archives of Game Genie and Pro Action Replay codes. and seem to be the best resources for that. At, the best way to find their cheats with their search is to type the name of the game then "game genie". Like so: "sonic the hedgehog game genie".

• The next best source is Google. The best search keywords to use is to type the name of the game then "game genie". Like so: "sonic the hedgehog game genie".

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Frame skip (fast forward!)

Frame skip is the feature that speeds up the game. To access it, simply press Backspace. Or go to the Video menu then Fast Forward.

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Removing the (annoying) FPS

FPSBy default, Kega Fusion displays the FPS (frames per second) on the lower left of the screen (as shown toward the right). It can be very distracting. But rejoice, for you can disable it! You do so by going to Options > Show FPS to remove the check, as shown here.

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You need to download the Sega CD BIOS in order to boot up Sega CD games. You can grab it here:

US Sega CD BIOS (91.1 KB) - required for booting US games

Euro Sega CD BIOS (87.2 KB) - required for booting European games

Jap Sega CD BIOS (84.9 KB) - required for booting Japanese games

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Setting up the Sega CD BIOS

1. Once downloaded, extract the bios from its zip file and place it in the same folder that Kega Fusion is in.

2. Click on the Options menu then Set Config.

3. Click on the Sega CD tab.

3. You will arrive here. See where the red arrow is? Click on the Browse button.

4. In the window that pops up, click on "us_scd1_9210" then click on the Save button. Do the same if you downloaded the Europe or Japanese BIOS's.

5. Click on OK.

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Loading Sega CD games

If you're going to play an ISO:

1. I'm assuming you downloaded an ISO/MP3 archive or a BIN/CUE archive. Most emulation websites distribute their ISOs and BINs in RAR files. RAR is like ZIP but compresses better. To extract the contents of the RAR archive, you must install WinRAR or any other program that supports the RAR format.

2. Extract the ISO, CUE file, and its MP3 files from the RAR file. You can place them in your ROMs folder or make a new folder for it. Just make sure that you keep the ISO, CUE file, and its MP3s in the same folder.
*Is your game missing the CUE file? You can use Sega CUE Maker to generate one.

3. Open the CUE file in Notepad; it'll look like this. Make sure the track names here match the actual track names of the MP3 files. The CUE sheet tracks are probably in WAV instead of MP3. Just rename them; make your CUE look like this.

4. To play the ISO, go to the File menu then Load SegaCD Image. Go to where you have the game and open the CUE file.

5. You will arrive to the screen you see toward the right. Just press start as it says and the game will play.

If you're going to play an actual Sega CD game or CD-R copy:

1. Insert the game into your CD-ROM. Wait a little bit for Windows to do its thing with it. Close the "what do you want to do with this CD?" window if it pops up.

2. Make sure your CD-ROM drive is set with Kega Fusion. Go to Options > CD Drive and click the name of your CD-ROM, as shown here.

3. Go to the File menu then Boot SegaCD.

4. You will arrive to the screen you see toward the right. Just press start as it says and the game will play.

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Kega Fusion & Sega CD

Kega Fusion treats Sega CD different than the way things work with the real Sega CD system. The real Sega CD system has internal memory (which doesn't hold much) and external RAM carts (which look like Genesis carts and hold much more than internal memory). However, Kega Fusion gives each game its own internal memory and its own external RAM cart. Cool huh? There is one string attached, though. With the real Sega CD system, internal memory and each new RAM cart has to be formatted. And since Kega Fusion gives each game its own internal memory and RAM cart, you need to be formatting it each time you play a new game (only games that have saves, like rpgs) for the first time. Some games won't even allow you to play them until the memory is formatted. But don't worry! Formatting is quick and very easy to do. I explain the procedure next.

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Formatting Sega CD's memory (mainly applies to RPGs)

1. At the pretty outer space scene that first appears when you boot a CD, which is this screen, press the button you set for "B".

2. You will arrive to the CD Player screen (shown below). Move the hand to OPTION and access it.

3. You will arrive to a screen with some memory info, just continue.

4. You will arrive at the screen where you can manage your memory (shown below). The icon with the Sega CD represents the internal memory and the RAM cart (obviously) represents the RAM cart. Go to .

5. Choose Yes to format.

6. Go to .

7. Choose Yes to format.

8. Now choose Exit.

9. At the CD Player screen, choose CD-ROM to boot the CD.

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The CD Player screen

The screen where you manage the memory

Perfect synch

To enable Perfect Synch all you need to do is click on the Option menu then Perfect Synch, or press Ctrl+P. Now boot your Sega CD game. Don't forget to remove the check from Perfect Synch when you're done playing that game, because having it enabled with games that don't need it may cause problems.

What is Perfect Synch? Perfect Synch is a feature that tells Kega Fusion to give less commands with the emulation of a Sega CD game. What do you need it for? Some Sega CD games require this feature to be enabled or else they will lock up at certain points in the beginning. For example, "Popful Mail" won't boot past the Sega logo unless Perfect Synch is enabled. There are more games like that. I suggest you put a little note in your CD cases of your Sega CD games that need Perfect Synch to work. You might be asking yourself "Well, how come Kega Fusion doesn't automatically enable Perfect Synch for the games that need it?" ...I have no idea. =P This is something we all have to live with.

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CD swapping

Some Sega CD games are two CDs (like Ground Zero Texas & Night Trap). When it comes time to change discs, you
should see a flashing CD tray icon in the bottom left of the display. This means the emulated CD tray is OPEN. You can safely change discs at this point - alternatively you can load a new Sega CD Image file.

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Removing Sega CD LED (the annoying blinking squares)

As you play Sega CD games with Kega Fusion you'll notice annoying blinking green and red bars in the lower-left of the screen. Fortunately, you can make them go away. Click on the Option menu then Show SegaCD LED.

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Copying Sega CD games

It's ridiculously easy to copy Sega CD games. The CD copy feature of any burning software can easily create a working copy (I recommend Nero Burning Rom, Easy CD Creator, or ImgBurn (free)). Beforehand, you should first make sure your computer can successfully emulate Sega CD games via Kega Fusion. If Kega Fusion can successfully play Sega CD games, then your burning software can successfully read the games for its CD copy feature. And you should burn the copy at a slow speed, like around 4x-12x. This'll increase the probability of a successful copy.

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Burning Sega CD games from ISO/MP3 archives

If an ISO/MP3 archive you downloaded comes with a CUE file, then you have the option of burning the game as a valid Sega CD game for play with Kega Fusino or the actual Sega CD system. Note that the Sega CD system does not require modding in order for copies to work on it. ISO/MP3 archives come with an ISO file and a bunch of MP3s.
*If the ISO/MP3 archive you downloaded does not include a CUE file, you can use Sega CUE Maker to generate one.


I. Convert MP3s to WAV
First you need to convert the MP3s to WAV. You can do so quickly and efficiently with an awesome free program known as WinLAME; you can download WinLAME here (1.5 MB). Here are directions to convert MP3s to WAV with WinLAME:

1. Open WinLAME. Click on the button, look for the folder where the MP3s are, select them all, then click on Open. You should see the MP3s you selected listed on the white box. Click Next to go to the next screen.

2. You'll arrive at the "Output Settings" screen. Under "Output Module", choose Wave Output, as shown here. Click Next to go to the next screen.

3. You'll arrive at the "Presets" screen. The default is fine, just click Next to go to the next screen.

4. You'll arrive at the "Encoding" screen. Click to begin the converting.


II. The CUE File

With the MP3s of your ISO/MP3 archive all converted to WAV, you're now ready to burn it as a valid Sega CD game. To do so, you'll be needing that CUE file I talked about. Without the CUE file you cannot properly burn the game. What's a CUE file? The CUE file is a set of directions that tells the burning software how to properly burn the Sega CD game's ISOs and audio tracks. There's one important thing you need to check for with the CUE file. Open it up in notepad and check if the files listed have an MP3 or WAV file extension.
• If they have an MP3 file extension then you need to change all of them to WAV.
• If they're already with WAV then do nothing.


III. Burning with the CUE file
Burning a CUE file is tad different than regular burns. Instead of going to "Burn data CD" as you normally would, you need to use the "Burn Image" option. Most mainstream burning software has such a feature. Software like Nero Burning Rom, Easy CD Creator, FireBurner. If you're too poor (like me) for the good burning software, there's Imgburn, a 100% free burning program. So to burn the game with these programs:

Burning with Imgburn: Click Write image file to disk, then click the magnifying glass to select the cue sheet. Lower write speed to around 4x-12x. Then click the large pretty picture of the CD to burn.

Burning with Nero Burning Rom: Go to the Recorder menu then Burn Image (but first make sure you're in normal mode instead of Express mode). If you're given the option to burn the game as "Track-at-once" or "Disc-at-once", choose "Disc-at-once". Make sure to burn the game at a slow speed (like around 4x-12x speed).

Note: Do not use a DVD-R or DVD-RW for burning Sega CD games! You must use a CD-R or CD-RW.

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